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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by sunnyshine, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine New Member

    Hi this is my first posting can anyone tell me what public transport i need to use, cant wait ti get to Prague have heard its a lovely place, only 2 more weeks.

  2. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    Use this link, change to English, and set "letiště praha" as "From" and "újezd" as "To" and set the proper departure or arrival time (cost 26 CZK + luggage 13 CZK).
    Look for hotel ATOS on the map.
    You can also use a taxi (e.g. AAA from the airport), if you have more or large luggage (cost about 500 CZK).
  3. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine New Member

    Thank you for your help much appreciated. Happy New Year to you

  4. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi sunnyshine,

    Welcome to the community!

    Karel posted some helpful information. On My Czech Republic, we have a page on how to get downtown from the Prague airport by public transportation. It looks like the quickest way would be to take bus 119 to the Dejvická metro stop (end of line A) and go to Malostranská. From there you can take a tram to the Újezd stop. You will need to walk from there and the map that Karel linked to will help you find your way.

    Have a great trip and Happy New Year! Šťastný nový rok to you Karel.
  5. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    The information is now a bit obsolete. Since mid December (with the change in ČSD timetable) therouting of Airport Express changed.
    The Airport Expres now has the following stops:

    Terminál 1 (airport, non Schengen departures/arrivals)
    Terminál 2 (airport, Schengen departures/arrivals)
    Masarykovo nádraží
    Hlavní nádraží

    The reason is that the Pendolino supercity now departs from Hlavní nádraží instead of nádraží Holešovice.

    Happy New Year to all!
  6. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine New Member

    Thankyou both for your help i think i will stick with Karel information i understood it, thats if nothing has changed since you posted it on here for me Karel.

    Regards Sharon

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