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  1. rrc

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    Okay, so I just bought a Z-Card, and I want to travel to about a billion placed in the Czech Republic. I have a bunch of questions about the trains, however:

    1) Please confirm that tickets work like this: I buy a ticket from Prague to Benesov.. I can now use this ticket on any train, at any time, as much as I want as long as it's between Prague and Benesov (and all stops in between).

    2) My ticket (if it's domestic) is valid for use at any time for two days.

    3) How do I know which class I'm sitting in on the train? I know "Trida" means class, but when I go on the train I don't know if I've wondered into first class. Also, how is first class different? How much more is it?

    I'm going to have more questions about this whole train thing, but for now this is enough...

    Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    To your questions:
    Ad 1) and 2) You are right
    Ad 3) The class number is written on each carriage. First class ones are available in some express trains (usually covering long-distance) and in IC and EC trains. First train carriages are more comfortable and the price difference depends on the distance (see ... tml#tr10c5 - ceník 1).
  3. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Yes, but only on trains of specific types. Basic ticket is only on trains marked Os, Ex, R (passanger, express, speeded train respectively).
    at any time of validity - see point 2
    Yes, in addition you can use it also for :!: cheaper :!: way with different stops in between. This is useful when using return ticket.
    Validity differs in dependence on distance. It is always written on the ticket.
    It is necessary to start on the :!: first :!: day of validity (in accordance with train schedule, delays change nothing) and finish until last day of validity.
    Jana wrote it. All carriages and all compartments are marked.
  4. rrc

    rrc Active Member

    If I wish to bring a bike on the train, I know that when I search for connections through IDOS it tells you which trains can have bikes on them. Do you have to pay for more for this? I know with large luggage on the bus you're supposed to buy an extra ticket.. so..

    For a train (or even for metro..) does it cost anything extra to bring a bike?
  5. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    You can take your bike for free on the metro (this apply only for a metro, it doesn't apply for a bus or tram)
    And if you want to take your bike with you on the train you have to buy special ticket for 20Kč.
  6. rrc

    rrc Active Member

    Thanks for all the answers! Another question:

    I'm buying a ticket to Trebon with a connection in Veselí n.Luznicí. I don't know when I want to come home, but it could be up to 4 days later. If I buy a return ticket with my departure ticket I get a discount, but it's only valid for 2 days. What is better:

    1) Just buy my return ticket at Trebon's local train station whenever I want to come home.

    2) Buy an "extended" ticket that is valid for 4 days. Does such a thing even exist?
  7. petrJ

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    I'm not native English, anyway ... you can buy a sort of train-passes that allows you to travel a week or so and until you reach a distance (I guess 500Km).

    In my case I'm trapped in a car-less sort of life:) I live in Prague, where is great public traffic and I travel through the country with trains and buses. The best way is to have a friend (more friends is better->the ticket is cheaper) or the Z-Card or just to buy a return ticket (in case you want to come back in two days.) So I'm not frightened of a car crash and steeling. If you are under age 26 or have a family there are also some benefits.
  8. petrJ

    petrJ New Member

    There is a company called WASTEELS in the Main Railway Station (provided by Ceske drahy) where you can buy a ticket for a long distances.

    It's also worth to check this site

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