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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by gypzy, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Hi all :D !

    I have lived in the US my entire life. I have an ancestrial link to Bohemia on my mother's side. I have always wanted to learn, possibly visit Bohemian culture and history. I am counting the days till the bookstore recieves the English/Czech translation dictionary that I requested. I would love to hear from someone to talk to about learning Czech; language, culture, music, food, modern way of life, etc. , or even just general topics. I am a quick learner 8) !

    By 4 now :!:
  2. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Gypsy
    Nebydlim v CR, ale rad se ucim tehle jazyk. Ucim se ho temer dve roky.
    My bychom byli slepy vedeni slepy.
    Co rikas?
  3. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Yea you really missing out Czech was real fun for me anyway.

  4. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Gypsy
    Videla jsi film "Once upon a time in the West". Henry fonda byl hlavne herec.
    To je muj oblibeny film.
    It had an Italian director.
    Bylo to prima.
  5. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Ahoj scrimshaw,

    I will get back to you ASAP. I have been neglecting my Czech studying :( . I forgot some of what I previously learned :oops: .

    Ahoj 4 ted
  6. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Ahoj Scrimshaw,

    Ja devlam vzpoment jezto filmy mnoho let predtim. To bylo nazdar pred ze jsem stezi mohl pamatova si to. Asi prave sledoval on na kabelova televize. Ja mit rad John Wayne. On je me muz! Doufam tyto vyrabi smysl!?

    Ahoj prozatim,
  7. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Gypzy, you are cheating............not studying :lol:
  8. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    I know, you caught me :oops: . But it still helps me to learn to use the seznam/slovnic translations. So its not completely cheating :twisted: . It would be complete cheating if I asked someone to write it for me, so there.

    Ahoj prozatim!
  9. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Hi Gypzy,

    Sorry I pm'd you before I found this post. My husband is Czech and we have a lot of Czech friends and a lot of Czech things we go to. Again if you are close to the West side of Michigan and interested in some Czech events/parties, let me know.
  10. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    Great I'll catch a plane there see you at the party!

  11. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    Ahoj dzurisovak,

    I live in the UP. I will answer your PM w/ the specific town I live in. I like to take road trips in this great state of ours! Except for having to deal w/ halfass construction on the roads :wink: :wink: :lol: ! So a party/event would be fun!

    Ahoj Prozatim!
  12. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    We are in Michigan but only 1 1/2 hours from Chicago. There are a lot of events in Chicago that we go to. The parties are closer to home though and usually on the beech or a camp fire. Quite FUN! Let me know when you plan to take a road trip and I'll let you know if the Czechs are partying!! LOL that's a good one, there aren't many times Czechs aren't partying!
  13. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member


    I know for a fact that I will be at a genelogical meeting in the greater Chicagoland in October. So I would probably be passing near you then. Except my 80 year old grandma will probably be w/ me and her "baby sister" might go. I thought I would take them to the hometown of thier mother's. The bar where their grandfather used to drink after his wife died is still there, may even be the bar that his f-in-l bartended. I thought that would be fun to go have a beer and burger there. They're also excited about trying out Illinois casinos. Isn't that the senior pasttime in Michigan :lol: ? I will let you know if I decide to take a road trip before then. Usually my road trips are spontanious :D .

    Bye 4 Now

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