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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by The Animal, Nov 17, 2007.

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    How many people know of Aneta Langerova? She has realy dobrě music, especialy Voda Ziva link....
    I would love to go see her in a live concert, in CZ. For some reason her song, Voda Ziva is my favorite song by her. Also easy to sing with můj daughter. 8) 8)

    It seems like she is starting to get real popular. I would also love to get some of her CD s

    jo,jo super hudba :!: :!:
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    Here in the Czech Republic? Quite many, as she was the winner of the first season (2004) of the Czech variation of Pop Idol contest caled Cesko hleda superstar. This show (particularly the first season of it) attracted a lot of attention.

    Her first album - released very soon after her victory in Cesko hleda superstar - sold very well. She also won female singer category of a popularity contest called Cesky Slavik twice - in 2005 and 2006 (and placed second in 2004). But from what I read her live performances are rather disappointing, she can't get really close to the audience or something like that. Also, her last concert tour was somewhat of a failure, not really many fans attending them, some concerts even had to be moved to much smaller halls than originally intended. So I don't think she's on the rise, maybe even the opposite.
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    Original videoclip for this song allways reminds me part of one article: "Cože, Marilyn Manson nechce žrát děti?!" and makes me laugh a lot:)
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    I'm with you on this one, Yvan, Kridla motyli is my favorite too. I couldn't get a studio recording of "Spousta andelu" which I think was her first album - I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will put me right - but recently got the live version "spousta andelu koncert" through Voda ziva is the last track on the album.
    I think she has a fine voice and versatile range, so perhaps as her style continues to develop she'll gain a wider fan base.
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    Anyone know where can I get Czech music in the US? I know the US dollar isn't doing too good these days.
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