Anetta Smrhova is she a gypsy/roma?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by igotbase, Jan 24, 2005.

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    its just not worth it Pavle :}}}}}
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    I thought Kazaa Lite had shut down, is it still running, then?
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    I don't know if Kazaa is still working or not. I quit using Kazaa over a year ago because of all the pop-ups, advertisments, and spyware that the program loads on computer systems. I have helped several of my friends get rid of these problems, and I would never recommend that anyone use Kazaa.

    In regards to this post,

    For the record, Miss Anetta Smrhova is a very beautiful girl with a lovely body no matter where she is from or her family background! I have the same curiosties as Igotbase, I often wonder about people's etnic background when I see them. Also, sometimes I will try and listen to their conversation to see if I can distigush their language. I have been to many business trade shows with people from all over the world, it is fascinating to me!! Igotbase just didn't realize that the people using this discussion forum would not appreciate being surprised by pornographic images.

    I feel like the site administrators and moderators are doing a good job keeping the topics and discussions in check. Pornography is all over the Internet, it really doesn't fit in with the professional structure of this web site.

    Ya'll have a good day!

  4. brigitte

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    Thanks for your reply Paul.

    Your post makes a lot of sense. About both subjects.
  5. daviduzal

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    About Anetta, I always wondered where she was from, what was her ancestry and that i sthe first thing I asked her. She told me her grand father was from the middle east and should explain her look!

    B enice to her, she is a very special young woman!

    Kind regards

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  6. daviduzal

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    Actually Anetta has a very mixed backgroung from 3 different countries.
  7. fabik317

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    OMG this thread is ubelieveable - how many posts did it take until the guy got at least some answer?

    I herby publicly admit that I am a sexist hypocrite who feels offended by porn imagery. So what? Now sue me.

    I don't think Aneta Smrhova is a Gypsy, I agree with the mddle-east theory posted above, although of course I can't be sure.
  8. daviduzal

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    1/4 irak + 1/4 chypriot + 1/2 slovac...I know I am her work partner in her site
  9. Zeisig

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    It seems that you know nothing.

    Iraq is a state, not an ethnic group (e.g. the Arabs and Kurds are different nations).

    Cypriote is no ethnicity, too (Greeks, Turks, ...).

    So she is perhaps 1/2 Slovak.
  10. daviduzal

    daviduzal Member

    well you reply is kind of strange and needlessly rough. Ever nationality or ethnicity I gave you the information about her backround.Indeed, this chat is about Aneta Keys gypsi or roma: she is none of them as I wrote previously. Up to you now to imagime what ever you wish about her originins but a the fact if that her originins are the one I wrote previously!
  11. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Don't be touchy!

    I wanted to say that many countries (states) in the world are inhabited by two (or more) different and often antagonistic nations or ethnic groups. Accidentally Iraq and Cyprus (and Slovakia, too) are such states.

    The Gypsy minority lives nearly everywhere. So a Cypriote (i. e. inhabitant of Cyprus) can be ethnic Gypsy.
  12. brigitte

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    In the UK there are plenty of people that consider themselves gypsies, but in actual fact they are just 'travellers' claiming they are. Real gypsy/ Roma are few and far between here. In my opinion that is. In the UK sometravelling comminities are labelled gypsies whether they are not.

    This has nothing to do with Anette, but when it comes to what is a 'proper' gypsy, the lines are blurred over here.
  13. daviduzal

    daviduzal Member

    Actually, the nickname by the one I call Anetta is "Gypsy girl" because of her "gypsi way" of behaving. She talks very little about her background and she doesn't like indeed to be asked too many question. It was only her mother after a while who told me what was their origin. Since the ethnic origin of Anetta is the topic of this chat and since there is nothing private I take the freedom to inform you about this personal data of the magnificient Anetta. Otherwise, for the rest we shall preserve her privacy since she is entitled to it. In her site when she will start to chat poeple will be free to ask her whatever :she wil be free to answer or not about it.
    Before knowing her I had myself wondered what her backround could be. I beleived too gypsie or maybe jewish since she looks very much as many israeli girls. I am very interested in human civilisations, their history, their involvement in the present and their mixtures and "intercourse" . I am also a great fan of Anetta. That is why I really wished to participate to this forum.

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