Any Arabs out there?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Ranita, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Ranita

    Ranita New Member

    Hey, me again, just curious as to wether or not any Arabs are on this site? I was born in Lebanon and would love to meet any Arabs living or visiting Prague...
  2. TallElf

    TallElf Member

    You will find a decent number of Arabs and Phoenicians in the area. There are several good Lebanese restaurants in Prague. There is even a Lebanese grocery in town that usually has some decent (fresh) bread and sweets. :p
    One of the better known Czech pop stars right now. I believe he speaks Arabic, Czech, English, and German. Most of his music is in English.

    This was back when Samer was going with the sweet look. Now he is promoting a harder look. Reminds me of a Czech Justin Timberlake. :?

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