Any English man (woman) in Prague?

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by mayloo, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. mayloo

    mayloo Member

    Hi there,

    My name is Martina and I´ve just came back from one year stay in UK. It was a wonderful experiance and I will never forget about that.
    But now I´m back and I´m worried that I will forget everything I´ve learned there. So I´m looking for some English man or woman in Prague between 20 and 30 to practise speaking with him (her).
    In return I can offer practising czech language (if you are interested), show you a bit of Prague, answering all your questions about strange czech habbits and of course my friendship.

    I hope I will here from somebody soon.

  2. sbracco

    sbracco New Member

    Hi Martina:

    I'm from New York and I'll be in Prague July 29-August 5 and I'd enjoy experiencing your favorite restaurants/pubs/cafes/scenic views in Prague. I'm a writer and excellent conversation partner and I'll be in Prague for a creativity workshop. My tastes are more about quality, not about flash and $ or tourist traps. I'm 42 but I act young. :D
    Write back if interested.

  3. benpfell

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    I would love to help you out, and I really need help with my Czech. I'm starting medical school this fall at Charles University 1st faculty, I'll be arriving in Prague Sept 21st. Although I am from the USA, I lived in London for a year so I can speak both Authentic English, and American English...They are quite different LOL!!!

    PM me

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