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Discussion in 'General Language' started by JPS, Mar 24, 2009.

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  2. I think it looks quite good for vocab and dialogues but it is very dated (everything is still Czechoslovakia etc) and moves along at a very fast pace. The grammar isn't gone into in any great details. Some quite strange sentences in the intro unit as well.

    You can see the pdf of the intro and frist unit at ... Unit_1.pdf

    Shame they only have one level.
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    It is expensive, and it is also quite a short course. This is a surprise, since much more complete FSI courses are available for free (the US government has put them in the public domain).

    For example, there is a 1000 page FSI Czech course, which is much more detailed than the one for sale. You can download the course book free of charge (and legally!) from here: ... /ed/9f.pdf

    Please note, it does take a few minutes to download (it is a very large file). Also note, the FSI courses were intended for diplomats and therefore the content of the courses is somewhat slantned towards their needs (e.g. talking about government matters rather than beer and sport)
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    Thanks for that link, some interesting stuff there.

    Does anyone have any of the more advanced MP3s from this course? I really want some new stuff to listen to.

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