Apriamo una sro per acquistare case a Praha-

Discussion in 'Business' started by Luca Rosselli, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Luca Rosselli

    Luca Rosselli Member

    conosco Praha da anni, e cerco persone interessate ad entrare in
    societa in una sro per acquistare case per affittarle.
    Ho contatti con notai,traduttori,e tutto quello che serve,
    anche maestranze x i lavori di ristrutturazione.
    Investimento minimo 10.000e max 100.000e x quota.
    Gli interessati possono scrivermi per i dettagli a
    cordiali saluti
    Luca Rosselli
  2. Luca Rosselli

    Luca Rosselli Member

    I write also in english :
    I have one sro company and looking for investior people
    for to buy house-apartments in Praha,
    minimun 10.000 euro-maximun 100,000e for each partner.
    Also organize tourism business.
    If interessing contact me at this email
    Luca Rosselli
  3. pedro1974

    pedro1974 Well-Known Member

    by this time?

    I have red somewhere there is kind of "crisis" and it's better to not invest on buildings, banks...
  4. Luca Rosselli

    Luca Rosselli Member


    You stay recently in Praha ? It s full of tourists every day.
    Praha its one of most beautiful city of the world.
  5. pedro1974

    pedro1974 Well-Known Member

    I didn' t want to be polemic, I love CR and I'm been visiting CR for 4 years.
    i was just wondering how prague could survive the world crisis...

    I life in Dublin, is one of the uglyiest city of the world but full of tourist every day, too.
    otherwise, the house prices are getting down, even of the 50%
    http://www.google.it/search?hl=it&q=hou ... blin&meta=

    kind regards
  6. Luca Rosselli

    Luca Rosselli Member

    Ok understand.
    My girl Olga, police officer from Lithuania stay in Dublin
    some months ago.
    Probably return together soon for to visit.

    I go in Praha from 1988. Now I have sro in slovak republic
    and like to buy house for to have business as pension or
    similar for this project I looking for different partners for
    divide investiment .

    This is not my principal work, my work its editor
    in sport magazines.

    How much one cost house indipendent in Dublin now
    with about 6-10 rooms ? Near center ?

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