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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by dzurisova, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I want to buy my friend a customized apron. He likes to grill and he has a smoker where he smokes sausage, pork, fish, & other meat. He's very proud of his smoking and usually makes a big party in the summer after he smokes the meat.

    I found one saying... "Czech sausage has two ends" but I'm not quite sure what that means plus, he's VERY proud of being Moravian so I'm not sure he'd really like that either.

    He's a huge drinker of Pilsner so I got him a T-shirt that says "Pivo reduces stress" with a picture of a beer and under it says "Mita the Moravian" however, I'd like to get an apron to go with it. If you can help me come up with something, it would be greatly appreciated!! :)
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    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I was looking for some clever saying about cooking or grilling or smoking meat. They don't have one. :(

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