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    To all foreigners in Czech republic:
    I would like to ask you for help, I am production manager in Czech newspapers Lidove noviny. We would like to arrange an article about experiences of foreigners with Cizinecka policie - it is name of state office, where usually each foreigner, who would like to study, work or live here permanently, necessary has to go - to fill some questioners, official papers etc.
    I know from my friends that in this office nobody knows any language, so it is very terrible situation for everyone who goes there for the first time. We would like to find someone, who just came to Czech republic few weeks ago and who will go to Cizinecka policie for these papers and all these office things. After this we will do the interview with that person, about his or her experience, if someone helped him or her with translation these papers to English or about atmosphere in this office.

    Contact me on: email:

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Judita Matyasova
    production manager of Lidove noviny
    tel: 225098369
    Lidove noviny
    Senovazna 4, Praha 1

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