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  1. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member

    I will be arriving in Prague on February 25, which is Ash Wednesday.

    Several years ago I attended evening Ash Wednesday services at St. Salvator, but I can't recall if those services began at 7 or 8 PM.

    Does anyone happen to know if there will be an evening service at St. Salvator this year, Ash Wednesday, February 25 and what's its time will be?

    Salvator Church
    Salvátorská street 1
    100 00 Prague

    I have tried looking for a service/time schedule online, but I have had no luck.

    Thank you very much ahead of time,
  2. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    Try this address:

    Little vocab:

    program = programme
    kontakty = contacts
    mše = missa
    úklid kostela = church cleaning
    popeleční středa = Ash Wednesday
    bohoslužba = service
    popelec umělců = I have no idea how to say it in English
  3. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member

    Thank you, bibax, I really appreciate the quick reply!

    Many thanks,
  4. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    As you've probably found by now, Dan, there is an English version. So if you email them about the Ash Wednesday service, there'll probably someone who can reply to you in English.
  5. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    popelec umělců.
    now I am curious about what that is.
    looks like ....ash of the artists?
    but that would be more...popel umělců

    I would love to attend a mass in the Czech Republic.
  6. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member

    My friends,

    Thanks so much for all of your help, it is very deeply appreciated.

    Polednikova, the Mass and service schedule are only in Czech, but I can read and understand it all. Thanks for the advice though.

    Popelec is Ash Wednesday, as is Popleleční středa.

    It seems St. Salvator has a special ash services for artists.

    The Mass is very beautiful in Czech.

  7. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    In general sense popelec is indeed ash. In this case popelec (udílení popelce) is a ritual when ashes are imposed on the foreheads of the faithful.
  8. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member


    Thanks. I wonder why my Fronek did not know that.

  9. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    I post a follow-up.

    On Feb. 25 I arrived at the Ruzyne Airport at 5:30 PM. I zipped through Customs and got my luggage quite soon thereafter.

    My ride was waiting for me and I was at my hotel and unpacked by 6:30 PM.

    I leisurely walked over to St. Salvator and got a good seat, the church was freezing cold however. I had arrived in plenty of time for the 7 PM Mass.

    I got my wish: I attended Ash Wednesday Mass and I received Ashes from Tomáš Halík himself!

    I spent one week in Prague, my 7th time there, and one week in South Bohemia, my 5th time there.

    The biggest success however finding and meeting with my relatives whom we had lost track of in 1871 (sic) because my ancestors emigrated to the USA.

    My new-found-cousins spread the table with food, beer and slivovice. We talked and talked, sang Czech songs and it seemed as though we had known each other all of our lives. Such a thrilling moment it was to meet with people who share the same blood as I.

  10. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    What a wonderful story Daniel. And I know just what you mean about Czech hospitality. Have you any photos of you with your relatives? Perhaps you could post them on here?
  11. Dannae

    Dannae Well-Known Member

    Daniel, this is great! Congratulations!

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