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Discussion in 'Culture' started by mariposablanca, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. mariposablanca

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    Ok, the past couple of years I have been very interested in baby carriers. Especially different kinds from different countries. I've begun collecting them. I was curious if in the Czech Republic if there is a specific type of baby carrier used if any at all. Strollers are good and all, but I believe in wearing the baby close to the body. For bonding, and a feeling of security in the baby and also basic ones like having both hands free and having the baby on a level where he/she can see things from your perspective. After all, who wants to go to the zoo to look at animal feet :p

    Anyway, does anyone have any information on this topic for me? So far I have collected carriers from Mexico, Guatamala, China and I'm hoping to get one from Africa in the near future.
  2. maxicek

    maxicek Member

    They sell a Czech version of the Didymos here...far cheaper and looks just the same :)
  3. mariposablanca

    mariposablanca Active Member

    OH Cool, I know what a Didymos is :) If it's cheaper I'm gonna have to have someone get me one :) Would there be a website they might be sold on or would I have better luck having my friends family get one and send it to me? Thanks for the info :D
  4. Karel

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    Hello ladies,

    Just one question for you if you don`t mind. What do you think of walkers? The Czech health care inspection was going to impose a ban on selling them in the CR, but unfortunately, hasn`t succeeded in doing so, to pediatricians` great disappointment.

    Your opinions regarding walkers?

  5. mariposablanca

    mariposablanca Active Member

    Well, me personally, i'm not in favor of anything that separates the baby from contact with the mother, like walkers, strollers, cribs andplaypens. To me, a walker is away to put the baby down and not have to bother with it. Plus I think it really hampers them learning to walk. They learn how to go back and forth with their feet but not support their weight. Plus with the wheels they are very dangerous. Most babies are unattended in walkers and can easily go down the stairs in one and get hurt. i would be in a favor in a ban.

    I know a lot of people dont agree with these views but after raising my 3 kids using all these methods, I prefer to do without the accessories.
  6. mariposablanca

    mariposablanca Active Member

  7. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply Mariposablanca. I`m in complete agreement with you.

    On the first site, click on "vaky a nosiče". Then on "babyvaky a šátky". By clicking on the other two options down below, klokanky, krosny , you`ll find backpack carriers and the like.

    On, click on "krosničky". When there, hit on "krosničky" again, or "nosítka".

    PS I haven`t found anything from Didymos on either site.

  8. mariposablanca

    mariposablanca Active Member

    Thanks, karel, for helping me. I'm gonna look for different sites to see if they have different things. I'll more if I find them for translation help :)

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