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    I know this may sound outdated, but I thought I would ask - Is it advantageous to bring clothes, etc to Czech for the sake of trading for their merchandise. I have friends that are pro snowboarders and surfers and I get clothes for next to nothing. Could I get in trouble for this? I know my friends went to europe a few years back and sold their Levi's and made a nice profit. I am thinking I can sell some of the best California Surfwear or trade for some beer and food. I have my priorities!
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    Personally I'd give the snow boarding stuff away if I got them that easily.Just to be nice.Czech Republic is land locked but I guess they could wear the surfer stuff in the summer near water a lake or something? I personally think anything below 85 is cold. When I read that the "average high" in August was 73 I was just amazed.PJ
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    You can try barter the stuff away to some kids.

    Sam :)

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