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    Hello all,

    I'm working a lot in central Europe and came across the idea of becoming a Czech citizen, using an interesting family situation, as follows:

    My grandfather was born in 1930's in Karlovy Vary. His parents fled from the Nazis and were settled in Israel. a relative told me that if my grandfather would apply for citizenship based on being born in the (then) Czechoslovakia to Czech parents, he would be granted a check citizenship from birthday, as if i never left, which (according to citizenship law) entitles my mother to become a citizen by birthright (as if from her birthday!) and then entitles me to the same birthright as well.

    It seems to me rather complicated but I found a lawyer with coworkers in the Czech Republic how is willing to give it a try for a considerable sum. What I need to know before I go with it is whether this birthright story can actually work down the generations to me?

  2. Alexx

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    I guess this is not that easy as well.

    To became chech citizen:

    must one of your parents have czech citizenship (the version you propose can be applied (if your relative is true), if one of your grantfather's parents was czech(oslovak) citizen


    you must live five years legaly in CZ and prove you get rid of your curent citizenship.

    I guess there are more qualified people in this forum, so they will give you more information about it, there may be some exceptions.
  3. meluzina

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    the rule about one parent being sufficient applies to people born prior to in 1969 or later - prior to that time, both parents had to be czech citizens at the time of the child's birth (i think your grandfather could in fact get his czech citizenship -however, not sure about your mother or yourself)

    (although they are talking about changing this particular rule, there is nothing definite yet)

    my situation: mother czech citizen (stateless actually between 1948 and 1990), father acquired u.s. citizenship prior to my birth as a stateless person (although was a czech citizen prior to that time) - no matter who i asked, they say i have no chance... i was told that if i were five years younger, it wouldn't be a problem - hence that info on the "two parent rule" prior to 1969

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