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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by LT, May 22, 2004.

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    I'm going to Prague for an extended stay this summer and wanted to rent an apartment. I need high speed internet and would like to be near restaurants and activities. A studio or 1 bedroom will do.

    Which sections of the city should I be shopping in? Any recommendations on a good rental agency or will I save money going without one?
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    I was just in Prague in Late March. At a place called Radnost which is a restaurant/ night club there is a message board in the main sitting area where locals place ads for various things. When I was there I saw someone had placed a note to rent an apartment for 5000 czech crowns a month. That's about $200. Call 603 24 7574 for more info. This number was the number written on the note. You'l have to figure out the country code and all that. If this falls through and you haven't found an apartment by the time you get to Prague I suggest just going to Radnost to see if there are any more notes.
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    Maybe I can help a bit, having just come back from Praha.

    Depends on what you're really looking for, really. Praha 6 (most of it) is quite nice, especially Brevnov (just west of the Prague castle). Mostly white-collared professionals and higher earning bracket reside there. The price of the real estate there is heady! Close to city centre via tramvaj.

    My personal favorite is Vinohrady though. Having walked by foot almost 70% of the area, I know just how picturesque and safe the area is. There are many cafes, wine bars, pubs, etc there, and it's super nice living. You're sure to find byty for rent there, with the internet parameters that you seek.

    Furthermore, Zizkov, though voted by the Prague Post as the most popular and up-and-coming neighborhood, is equally as convenient as the two areas of Praha that I just mentioned, but I never felt very safe there. You will see that the streets and shops are seedier (with lots of herna (gambling) and sex shops) and I witnessed some not so pleasant scenes there. We stayed there for a week as well.

    Look those neighborhoods up; from either, it would never take you more than 10-15 minutes to get to Starometske namesti!

    Hope this helps (pst! Go with Vinohrady!)

    Oh... forgot to mention Holesovice. Altogether not as pristine an area, but having walked that too, I'd have to say, pretty darn convenient too. I would surmise the rental prices to be lower than all of the other 3 areas. But there are very wonderful, peaceful parks to its north, and to its south.

    There you go! Best wishes on apt. hunting there

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