Better renting an house or student dorms?

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by luca1985sognando, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Hi everybody, my name is luca, i'm 21 and i'm italian. From next february i'll be in Prague at charle's university for a 5monts Erasmus exchange. I have a great dubt, do u this it's better renting an house in the center or staying in a student dorm? It's not a problem concerning with money, actually i would like to stay in a dorm to have the possibility to know a lot of students as me but i have heard that all erasmus students are sent to a dorm called Hostivar which is very far from the center, what's ur view? Somebody can give me some advices?And if someone is interested in renting a flat from next february,please contact me! thanks in advance, i'm waiting for your replies..
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    čau Luca,

    Hostivař is truely horrible, it's quite far from the city centre (quick enough by metro but this stops at midnight). The place is an ok working class residential area but the student blocks are dreadful. You will have to share two hotplates (no oven) with approx 10-12 people on each floor and each block has only two washing machines for 8 floors of apartments.

    Pricewise I think it was 5800Kcs per month to share a bedroom (not an apatment, a bedroom) with a self contained shower and toilet unit. It has just enough space for two single beds and two desks. You will be able to reach your room mates bed if you stretch out your arm! It's ok for local students who pay 1500Kcs per month but for Erasmus students it's just silly to pay that much for so little.

    Saying that though, I do know some people who have had a great social experience living there, lot's of parties in the communal areas, etc.

    It's a shite place though!

    All the best and hope you have a good time in Prague

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    Hi Luca,

    try to read the "Housing - For Rent or Sale" section and put there an ad for renting an apartment in Prague: you may find something interesting and reading the rental ads you'll have an idea about rental prices in Prague.



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