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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Qcumber, Jul 3, 2005.

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    I will practice
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    Thanks from me, too!
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    You're both welcome - by the way, click on the word "language" at the top of this page and you will find a treasure trove of words and phrases along with sound files of their actual pronounciation (by native Czech speakers). Explore this whole site - it really has a lot of goodies.
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    Thanks again Glenn.

    I've just had a quick look at that site and it contains a lot of good stuff.

    I'm off to Prague in about 30 days, so I have a feeling I'm going to be a bit busy :).
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    I find it sad when the small minded people take it upon themselves to notice black people or Aficans in MS as negative aspect of visting Prague. I have visted MS Prague several times. I will be honest I give them, quote "black touts" respect because at least there are working and wanting to work.

    Also 99% of those quote "black touts" will be studying for a degree at a CR university. So more than lighty they will be doing this work to help them with financing there studies.

    I think its about time those with prejudices or racist minds should leave black people alone and concentrate on there own insecurites that they have with other races.

    "The shame is not in being a slave but being the owner of a slave as it shows the owner of that slave as the one who is lazy, greedy, and insecure"
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    I find your outlook on life very offensive indeed and I am what can be regarded as a very senior citizen.

    Unfortunately it is people like you with these sorts of prejudices who cause all the troubles in this world.

    If we only learnt a little more tolerance then perhaps there would be less wars and incidents like those recently in London.

    Perhaps we could use this site for what it is intended and not slagging of other cultures. I am sure if I came to your country I might find similar problems.
  7. prince1

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    I don't understand what is offensive in my reply stating leave black people alone, "Black touts" in MS what? I am confused.

    People like me cause no trouble in the world, especially like those that are taking place in London in fact I am for live and let live weather you black, asian, white, arab, gay, muslim, whatever. It really does not bother me.

    I don't judge anyone as am only a human like all on this great earth.

    I will be honest though i am fed up of people giving black people a hard time no matter what they do.

    The African or black people in MS are only working and on this forum they getting a hard time for working because theres loads of them in MS.

    If you are offended be ofended by the person who started this subject about the afican or black people in MS who is just trying to earn a honest living for themselves.

    My friend as a expression of my relaxed nature I will apologise if you are ofended but like I said I don't know why you are offended.
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    No prince1 I was talking about Qcumber who started the post in first place sorry if you thought I was talking about you
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    My mistake please accept my apologise
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    Slightly off topic....
    But I have sighted in many reputible sources that visiting Wenceslas Square after 10pm is best avoided. And the stress annotated on this advice largely reflects a dangerous notion rather than just as an annoyance.
    I'm asking those who have experienced this situation, at ever did you feel your safety threatened (whether it be the solicitation from touts or whatever)?
    Also, I've read in many guides and even been told by hotel concierge that taking a taxi from Wenceslas Square is just outright crazy. They are notorious for charging up to 4 times the ideal amount, and are somewhat influenced by the local mafia. Can someone give me an idea as to the extent of this, particularly the aspect of the mafia? (I know Prague has a reputation for overcharging in taxi services).
  11. magan

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    Well, I would give same advice to anyone. From going through W.S. once on the way from somewhere, I found it very unpleasant with all the "gypsy" prostitutes and pimps and who-knows-who, including many groups of young drunken noisy Germans. It was about one-two years after revolution so I have no idea how it would look like today. I am a woman, so perhaps that was the reason why I did not find it amusing.

    As to taking taxi from there. Again, because of that kind of people (drunk young visitors etc.) and those foreigners who have usually no idea about prices and really do not care as they are rather vocal about "oooohh it's sooooooo cheap"(which is rather insulting to those locals who could hardly afford it). Wenceslav square attracts kind of taxi drivers who are there because of people like that. They know they can rip them off and they wouldn't even notice. That is the reason why your friends say do not take taxi from taxi drivers there.

    There are few reliable taxi companies like AAATaxi which you can call and ask (in English) how much your trip will cost and they will send the cab. This is what people who "know" and locals do.

    I do appologize to those Germans who are not visiting Prague with their buddies for cheap bear and to get drunk.
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    Visiting WS after 10pm was not a problem. I was doing the tourist thing shopping, talking, eating and taking photographs. I don't know what its like to go clubing I've not tried it yet but I did go to a few wine bars and had no problems.

    Please understand WS is no a war zone and is like any other Capital city in the World.

    I have been to New York and travelled on the underground after 10pm through the Bronx, I had no trouble and infact meet other people on my travel to Manhattern that night who were going out for the night.

    Have a good time.
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