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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Daniela Marie, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Back in February, I wrote asking about a good DVD store in Prague. Thanks, Howard and eso, for telling me about Bontonland. I was in Prague last week, and went there several times and bought several Czech movies (Vesnicko ma strediskova; Slavnostni snezenek; Vrchni, prchni!; Svetaci; Kolja). I also bought some operas for my dad: Prodana nevesta, Rusalka, and another one by Janacek. I found the employees helpful, too.
    The one thing I would have liked to buy, but it was out of stock, was "Clueless" (I think in Czech it's called "Bezmocna"). That's because that's a movie that I and my kids know by heart, so I would have loved to hear it in Czech, and the kids could see it too and listen to the Czech (since they already know exactly what's going on). Oh well.... maybe I could find it on a website or something.
    Anyway, I really only wrote to say thanks!
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    Bontonland was a special part of my Prague visit. As my region seems to lose all the music superstores (First, it was HMV and then back in December it was Tower Records), it was a pleasure to brouse (and leave many koruna) there. I enjoyed the Classical (Vazna hudba), Cesky hudba and DVD sections, as well as the presentation of international pop music (English language rock and pop).

    I wish everyone, locals and visitors, would appreciate having a superstore like Bontonland before downloading forces it out of business!!

    Also, I enjoyed the many small stores which specialized in Classical (Vazna hudba). Located 5 during my visit. I wish I had more time in Prague because the man in the store on Mostecka would have special ordered the CD I wanted!

    Prague has some great music stores. Enjoy!
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    [this post is likely to be quite stupid so please feel free to ignore it]

    it's just my (and a handful of others') personal obsession but please don't use the expression "Vážná hudba", "vážná" means "serious" or "grave" which often implies "boring".
    please use "Klasická hudba" instead, thank you:)
  4. GlennInFlorida

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    Seems reasonable to me - Classical Music is a lot of things but, almost never boring.

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