Bored in Brno? Not on Saturday 19th May!

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    In case you thought that the Czech Republic was just about spectacular countryside, amazing architecture and great people you may be suprised to hear that Brno is actually host to a major dance music and activity festival - Rio De Riviera - and it's taking place next weekend.

    Rio de Riviera is part of a festival called „Brno – město uprostřed Evropy“(Brno – city in the centre of Europe) and the program includes gala fireworks at 10:30 p.m. (seven other firework displays will illuminate Brno within next few days throughout Ignis Brunensis show).

    The organisers of the Rio event, now in its second year have completed the main line up and expect that up to 18.000 people will attend. Here's a little of what you can expect:

    The festival headliner is Fun Lovin´ Criminals (NYC/USA). 70 bands, DJs and performers will entertain you on 5 stages from midday to 6am the next day. A great selection of international DJs including Jon Carter, Justin Robertson, Crazy Sonic, Hocus Pocus, DJ Vadim + Oneself, Masters Of The Universe and many more.. A great selection of DJs from the Czech Republic including Ohm Square, The Prostitutes, Vectif, Orbith, Javas, Illusionist Crew and many more..

    See you there !!
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    Brno rocked the house !!!

    Dear Forum Members, I don't know if any of you went to the Rio Festival (and if you did please let me know), but it was an awesome event. I took around 500 pictures throughout the night and 20 minutes of video. I'm pleased to say that Brno may well be (more) on the map as a result because a weekly UK music magazine, "One Week to Live" will be publishing some of the pictures and the review that I'm reproducing below for you. Other publications are also interested. I met some fantastic people, especially a group of photographers from and I'm looking forward to meeting up when I go back to Hradhouse in August.

    So, here's my review and a few pictures to keep you going..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is the second year of the "Rio de Riviera" dance festival in Brno, Czech Republic and I'm there to party with the locals. Make no mistake, this is no small-town local event, it's a real international crowd-puller with a capacity of some 18000 and by the time I get there (literally straight off the flight from Stansted) the party's already started. I'm through the tightly-controlled security gate in no time and into the venue which is a large open-air swimming pool specially drained for the event. It's surrounded by lush forests and the area's simply beautiful. There are four stages and already the DJs are warming up the crowd who are taking in the late afternoon Moravian sun. The weather's warm and the many drinks stands are already busy.

    I'm wandering around checking out the stages but also enjoying the attractions-too many to mention actually but there's a skateboarding demo, beach volleyball on a giant air bed and a couple of graffiti areas. Generally though, the kids are milling around with their friends and enjoying the party. As the sun goes down over the Southern Czech Republic the venue starts to fill up and the music starts to take on a greater sense of rhythm. I decide to check out the Metropolis tent and find myself in a hard house gig: its very full indeed and the DJs already have the willing crowd under their control. Some of the local DJs are playing and the crowd are loving it. I resolve to come back later..

    I spend a couple of hours enjoying the atmosphere and then head off to the S.Oliver stage where Czech band Ohm Square from Praha are just finishing their set before handing over to the headlining band, Fun Lovin' Criminals. As the dusk falls the sky is suddenly filled with fireworks - yes, there's a firework exhibition in Brno which lasts for several weeks: amazing!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I'm right in the front of the S.Oliver stage talking to a local photographer and casually look behind me - the previously-empty field has suddenly filled up: there must be 10,000 people behind me waiting for the band to start their set. The 'Criminals eventually take the stage and slide easily into their set - they have the crowd's attention straight away and after the first number are visibly overcome by the enthusiasm. I stay for my permitted 3 numbers and then its off to the Nugget Stage where rappers Tafrob+Dj Maztah are spreading the word. The genre seems to be a major influence and the kids jammed against the barrier are hearing the message loud and clear.

    At this stage I have to mention the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a club: I'm standing in the Red Bull Academy and a guy in the crowd is giving another guy a haircut! Yes, apparently it's one of Praha's top hair stylists giving people free haircuts and the ground in front of the stage is covered in hair. Seems he's been doing it most of the night..

    As the night progresses, the party seems to gather momentum - surely it can't continue like this all night?! But it does, and I'm there with it. At 5am the pace starts to slow a little (did I mention that the Czechs like to party?) but it's good to see that some of the stages are still pulling the hardcore ravers who are giving it their all. As 6am approaches the pace slows a little and people are starting to drift off home. However, the Red Bull Music Academy is still partying like there's no tomorrow so I stay for a little longer (and another Red Bull) before I leave Rio for my hotel to catch a couple of hours sleep. It's a truly awesome event, and although Prague rocks, Brno puts the rave back into Moravia!

    You can see more, full size pictures here. The next event to be hitting Brno district will be Hradhouse 2007 at Boskovice and I'll be attending that too. See you there !!
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    Is it occuring again this year? (I'll be in Brno around the same time so I'm trying to find out what all is happening and how to get involved - tickets, etc.)

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