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Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Malnik, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    I think there should be a special forum for Brno. I've noticed that the focus is on Prague with a little bit about other areas thrown. The rate that Brno is growing i am sure there is a community just waiting to shout...we're here.
    So who is in Brno? (If no one responds i'll quietly retire to my box in the corner).
  2. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    Hi Mal,

    It's a good thought. Brno is probably the second most talked about city on the boards and it would be good to make those posts easier to find. On the other hand, the way the boards are structured is really by topic, not by location. Thinking about it, creating a forum for Brno or any city for that matter could create some confusion as to where to post certain messages. E.g. should a "Looking for friends in Brno" post go to the "Brno" forum or the "Make a Connection" forum? Should a post about the Brno dialect be under "Brno" or under "Language"? Should suggestions for places to see around Brno be posted under "Brno" or "Travel Tips & Advice"?

    Maybe others have some thoughts?

    My Czech Republic
  3. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's just as easy to do a keyword search for "Brno" using the existing search engine. An additional forum would just be too confusing.
  4. uuspoiss

    uuspoiss Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't the move of all Brno related discussion onto a separate forum shift the focus of the remaining material even more towards Prague?
  5. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    Never thought of the Brno search bit thingy...but perhaps most people think this is a Prague forum so dont post anything for other areas. Try putting Brno forums into a search engine...basically nothing. I'll go with the flow.
  6. strange_too

    strange_too Active Member

    May be with Ryanair flights, Brno might get a bit more of a mention. If their going in, other airlines must be thinking about it.

    I think it would help just having a Brno section for general use, might get more conversation created because of it.

  7. brcek

    brcek Member

    Brno is a beatiful city and their habitants are 100% nicer than Prague, we have to improve the image of this city...AT zije Brno... :D :lol:
  8. rahul9355

    rahul9355 Member


    I agree we get a very mixed and less information about Brno,inspite of many people from Brno want to contribute or share.
  9. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    I still think a seperate Brno forum would be a good idea. People may be put off from contributing to the site because it is orientated to Prague. Only because its a more populoius place.
    I see the Italian forum is quite popular - its the same thing really.

  10. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    It would be the same thing only if it would require using moravian (!) language... :lol:

    What about a forum for Plzeň, for Č krumlov, for ... well, there are a lot of interesting places in the Czech republic, it wouldn't make sense to have separate forums for each. (If there would be a forum for Brno, i'm sure it wouldn't take long before people started complaining about why there's not a forum about this and that town.. And wondering where the forum for Prague is...)

    Anyhow, i don't think there will be any more posts just because there is a forum on Brno, people write about what they are interested in. 8)
  11. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sure, I completely agree with mravenec.
    The Brno forum could be created, but afterwards people will be saying where is blablabla city forum.
  12. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    That Italian forum.....what do they say in there?????

    Do they talk about me???


  13. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    These are Czech Republic boards and if a lot of the posts focus on Prague, it's because that's what a lot of people who participate here choose to write about. There is no 'Prague' forum and there isn't a single forum with the word 'Prague' in its title or description. The moderators or site admin are not doing anything to steer discussions towards Prague.

    The reason for the existence of the Italian forum is explained in the Confused about the Italian forum thread. My Czech Republic has an Italian version and there was a need to give its visitors a forum in their language. Many of our Italian visitors don't speak English, yet want to ask questions.

    My Czech Republic
  14. Malnik

    Malnik Well-Known Member

    I wrote that ages ago........ where you been?


  15. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    I'm sorry Mal, you're right, I'll have to work on improving my response times. Sorry for ignoring you for those long five days. What was I thinking? :D

    Anyway, we do appreciate everybody's input regarding the Brno forum.

    My Czech Republic
  16. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    The name of this superb site is MY CZECH REPUBLIC. Period (as our American friends say).
    If people want to talk about Brno then they are free to do so on this site. No need to create another section. Keep it simple.

    Wissy. :wink:

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