Brno taal uitwisseling: mijn Nederlands, tvé Čeština

Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by RaphaelNL, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. RaphaelNL

    RaphaelNL Member

    Hallo, beste 'native speaker' Tsjechisch
    mijn naam is Raphaël en vanwege mijn werk kom ik elke ca. 2e of 3e week in Brno. Ik zou heel graag beter met de Tsjechen in hun eigen taal kunnen communiceren. Om die reden wil ik graag mijn basiskennis van jullie taal verbeteren.

    Ik wil graag zo praktisch mogelijk te werk gaan en tegelijk ook een beetje lol aan het leren beleven. Daarom stel ik voor om (na werktijd) het 'dagelijks leven' binnen te stappen en gewoon zo veel mogelijk te spreken-spreken-spreken.

    Als tegenprestatie kan ik Nederlands (maar ook Engels of Duits) aanbieden, vloeiend danwel nagenoeg vloeiend. En een goed humeur hoort er gewoon bij!

    Interesse? Dann schrijf gewoon aan of en dan uvidíme hoe we verder gaan.

    Se srdečným pozdravem, už se těším,
  2. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I wonder if you find someone here able to speak Dutch :).
  3. Adela

    Adela Active Member

    Hehe, yes, it´s possible :)
  4. RaphaelNL

    RaphaelNL Member

    Well, Alexx, Adela,

    Alex, I think I made a mistake, I wanted to react as postreply but sent to your private mail. I'm still finding out how everything works here.

    Anyhow, as I already wrote to you, I know several non-professionals of Czech origin who speak very will dutch, isn't it, Adela? So maybe I'm lucky and a less advanced dutch-speaker wants to train him-/herself up in exchange for his/her Czech!

    Adela, you are the one being in Belgium now, isn't it? Greets/groetjes!
  5. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Sure, you can find some people who are/was studying or working in Belgium or Netherlands, so they know the language.

    What I ment is almost none will start to learn dutch at school in here. It is unlikely someone will start to learn language with just few milions native speakers, like czech or dutch, with good reason.
  6. Adela

    Adela Active Member

    ...and still I did. And I had not seen a single Dutch soul before:)
  7. RaphaelNL

    RaphaelNL Member

    Ahoj, Alexx, Adela,

    Alexx, I understand your point. I must say, one of my czech colleagues was thinking about starting some dutch-course. You know what I did? I told him, that if he simply likes it, he must certainly do. But if he wants to do it for practical/professional reasons, he can better spend energy to learning english or german or so. IN fact for the reasons you mention.

    Even, I don't like my own language so much. German is much richer, for example.

    On the other hand: somebody like Adela has my respect! I can tell you, I never spoke to her, but her written dutch is of outstanding quality! As a translator or travel-guide or in companies of dutch origin or in official circuits (embassy, ministery, ...), she can make herself of great use (still, the NL is one of the biggest foreign investors in CZ, even one of the first serious ones ever, and for years thé biggest investor at all... and not one brochure or paper or whatever is written in dutch in czech hotels, only english, german... frustrating ;-) ) !

    Greets, guys, from NL this time,

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