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  1. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    We had a rather disastrous couple of days in Budapest last summer - starting with roadworks coming off the motorway, which meant that it took us about three hours to go the last ten miles, mainly because of the near stationary traffic but also the 'short cut' I took that brought us back where we started a hour later!

    So we're trying again, with a long weekend in a couple of weeks' time, but going by coach this time! And I was wondering what recommendations people had for bars and restaurants. I particularly like 'views' so if you know of anywhere overlooking the city that you can recommend, I would be very grateful. But anywhere Hungarian and not too touristy would be great.
  2. Karel_lerak

    Karel_lerak Well-Known Member

    Széchenyi hegy in Buda hills, you can get there by cog-wheel railway, then continue to János hegy (highest place of Budapest) by children run railway.
  3. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Karel. That sounds interesting - we'll certainly see if we can find it.
  4. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I am going to Budapest first weekend in July, so if you come back before that term, please post some info and advices.
  5. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Coincidentally, that's the same weekend we're going to be there. But a Hungarian friend has put together a really good guide to the restaurants she likes and I'll try to remember to bring it with me on Friday.
  6. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)

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