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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by jerseyczech, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. jerseyczech

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    Hi ,

    My wife is czech and im a brit we live in jersey and have been thinking of moving over to olomouc but not for a couple of years yet. However we would like to buy a flat in olomouc and rent it out until we are ready to move so my question is what would people expect to pay for a 2+1 or 3+1 flat in olomouc? my wife has been living over here now for so long she dsnt know and her family dont live in olomouc.....thanks for your help and please feel free to write any other information that you think might help us :D
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    try taking a look at some of the properties offered on some of the czech real estate sites - is the "biggest" one i know of - but there are others - if you use the english option though, i've herad that not all offers are listed - so use the czech option if possible....
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    I have just noticed an ad in the local rental agency offering a 2+1 flat in Olomouc, remodelled and partly furnished (bed, wardrobes) for 8,000 Czk/month (utilities included). However, it was the lowest price I have seen here; usually, it is around 10,000 for an unfurnished flat here(depends on the neighborhood and the conditions - satellite, lift, parking etc.).
  4. DannyD

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    Hi jerseyczech,

    We're also on the hunt for a flat in Olomouc. More after a 2+kk, so something a bit smaller! Here's a little list of some of the agencies I've come across. Their sites will give you a good idea of what kind of prices to expect, but I'd reckon on around 1.5-2 mill czk for a 2+1 or 3+1 in a panelák, and anything up to 3.5 million czk in a new development or in an old building in the centre of town.

    There are plenty of others, but I think I've included most of the big names. Not used any of them yet, so I can't make any specific recommendations.

    Although I will use this opportunity to plug Nathan, at We used his services to buy our cottage near Prague. He has an excellent team of English-speaking Czech professionals who helped throughout the buying process (paperwork, lawyers, notary, due diligence, etc). Although, with a Czech wife, I presume you will give it a go without any help.

    Hope this has been of some use.

    And good luck!

    By the way, prices are steadily creeping up. I've had my eye on the Olomouc market for a good few years, so get in there while you can! Just you wait when it finally gets "discovered" by the more adventurous Brits and Dutch.


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