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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by usak, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. usak

    usak Well-Known Member

    I live in the USA but I would like to try Kofola. I am having a bit of trouble trying to find a store selling Kofola that ships to the United States. Does anyone know of any good online stores? I just want to try it, so a shipping fee would not be too much of an inconvenience.
  2. usak

    usak Well-Known Member

    79 views and no response, i assume this means czech foods and drinks are hard to come by in the US or not many Americans who visit this site have found any.
    oh well maybe ill just have to get one in the CR sometime... :lol:
  3. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    Here is what I can do for you, unfortunately I have not been able to find any kofola for sale online (tried eBay, google etc...).
    The best info I can give you, is to try this website:

    They do not have any currently for sale, but this website specialises in marketing Czech Republic and its various goods. I suppose maybe if you ask them nicely they could sort something out. :wink:
    I hope this helps you, at least a little. :)
  4. usak

    usak Well-Known Member

    Thanks much!
  5. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Kofola is not exactly what visitors to CR would remember or Czechs living in other countries would be interested in.

    Why don't you look for some Czech beer. It would be much easier to find in Beer Store. Also, in every large city there would be Czech Deli or Polish (some items very similar) or Eastern European Deli shop where you can buy almost authentic food.
    Good luck.
  6. brcek

    brcek Member

    C mon Kofola is a cheap, bad, unflavored, weard, strange copy from Coke or Pepsi, better try a water from a spatown. :oops:
  7. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Why would you suggest to look for beer instead of Kofola? Those two have nothing in common. Kofola is an old Czech staple, many of us grew up with it, what's wrong with wanting to try it? I also wanted to try root beer. I hated it, but at least I was able to form my own opinion instead of listening to what others have to say about it.

    I like Magan's mention of Czech/Polish delis. You may have a chance there.
  8. cnweiss

    cnweiss New Member

  9. shorty10105

    shorty10105 New Member

    ok im looking for kofola too
    i tracked down the new nimber to the store in chicago and the orignal number has been disconnected buy i called the one i found at the adress and its now sadly a video store.... im going to talk to the owner and see if he knows if it was shut down or if they moved... but other than that the hunt continues
  10. Hey, Kofola is a great drink! I have to say that i prefer it to Pepsi or Cola! And the greatest thing is that you can get it straight from the tap in numerous pubs in Czech republic!
    Kdyz ji milujes, neni co resit!!!!! 8)
    Hope you managed to get it in the US. Have you guys tried those czech food stores in there? I remember you could get nearly anything in there!!!
  11. Ryan

    Ryan Member

    i know a shop in NYC that sells it. contact me if you're in the area
  12. shorty10105

    shorty10105 New Member

    what is the store called and do you know the phone number to it??
  13. Ryan

    Ryan Member

    They have a website -

    Check it out. It has their telephone # and everything. I had a look at it and they don't seem to list Kofola on their website, but i know they carry it. I live down the block from them and stop in there once in a while.

    Hope it helps.
  14. Marci

    Marci Member

    I used to live in Chicago and there're a few stores with Kofola. One is Czech Tempo. They used to have a web but not any more. But they still ship most of their food and drinks. Call them on: 773-427-7587. They used to have Kofola and if not. They can give you an advice which other store will have it. Maybe store called Bohemka. They take credit cards.
  15. SK_medved

    SK_medved New Member

    try this one: and look for category drinks or just click here:
  16. Yerusalyim

    Yerusalyim Well-Known Member

    The first question that came to mind was...WHY would you want to...but to each their wife picks some up every time we drive into Czech...she drinks it all.
  17. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Among my friends Kofola is the most popular replacement for beer (if one has to drive soon or so). And even mine.

    But last time - 0,5 Pilsner Urquel 12° - 26 CZK; 0,5 Kofola - 40 CZK ...

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