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    This is just an updated message, and it goes along with the other one i posted earlier. There is a change to the quote i asked to be translated. In Czech the quote says,"Je ne case si najit novy misto na zeli." In English, this is translated to, "It is time to find a new place for cabbage" Hopefully someone knows what this might mean. Thank you for any help you could give!!!
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    I have never heard this kind of quote, but as far as my czech goes it will mean, that it is time for a change, to move on.

    There are couple of quotes where is a cabbage, and in the other cases the cabbage usualy represents your life, something you are interested in. One is " Nelez mi do zeli" - "Don't go into my cabbage" This one is used when someone else is interested in someone elses girl, boy, any kind of subject.

    Hope it helped.
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    As to the"cabbage" message.
    Just as much as in Czech, English idioms and sayings depend on a particular context they
    are used in.
    As far as I know the English equivalent to
    "Nelez mi do zeli." would go something like
    "Quit cutting my grass."
    Take care

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