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Discussion in 'Jobs Wanted' started by samalama, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. samalama

    samalama New Member

    Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with them or other private language centres in and the outskirts of Prague - I am a 26-year-old SF from Toronto who is looking to teach English in Central Europe or Italy this spring/early '06 - have not applied for a work permit yet but do have dual EU-Cdn citizenship. I speak French, Swedish, and English fluently, and have limited German/Spanish but no Czech (and no Italian)

    Any advice on what to expect (and the best time to go) would be appreciated! Thanx.
  2. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    It depends on qualifications you have. If you have TEFL Certificate it shouldn't be a problem to get work in Prague. It all depends on your qualifications and experience with teaching.
  3. samalama

    samalama New Member

    Thanks, gementricxs
    I have taken a six-week TEFL course but a lot of language schools I've been contacting have been suggesting I upgrade by taking a "refresher" course at their school before I start. This sounds like a scam to me, but do you have any idea about reputable schools in and around the Prague area? I also have friends in Milan so I'm widening my search to Italy as well. Thx again..
  4. southie

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    Yes, the "refresher course" angle is a scam.

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