can some one please explain prague to me

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by julz, Mar 22, 2006.

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    hi ok so i have looked at maps of the subway and maps of the city and im sure that it won't make alot of since till im there but im going to be studying at Charls University wich is right acrose the river from Mala strana i guess and i am tring to figure out where would be a good place to get an apartment. i don't understand all the prague 1,2,3's what do them mean? where are good districts to live? :? i would realy love to hear what some one who knows the city has to say; or even better some one who knows the university also, and i know this is a dumb question, but what do the " kk+2" ect ,mean on apartment listings. i've never done this befor and its all becoming very overwelming. i can't figure out where the classes will be held where is a good place to live. i would love any help i can get Thanks! :D
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    2+kk means 2 rooms (use how you like) plus corner kitchen. bathrooms are generally understood to be included. a 3+kk would be 3 rooms plus a corner kitchen (in one of the 3 rooms), a 3+1 would be 3 rooms plus a full separate kitchen. perhaps someone can help you with apartment locations, but anything near Charles University is not going to be cheap. not to worry, public transportation is excellent. the 1,2,3 etc are just areas of the city much like zip codes.
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    Just an note...

    Charles University isn't in only one place. There are many "campuses" all over the city, so even though someone may be studying at Charles, they could be anywhere from Troja to Vysehrad or anywhere in between.

    Although it's nice to live near where you're studying or working, I have a bit of a commute and it's no big deal with the excellent public transit system. Don't worry about being "right there" -- having to travel to class will also introduce you to other areas of the city. :)

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    For more info on the numbering of the Prague regions, see and click on the button that says "Městské části" (City parts/regions) at the top to the right of the search "Vyhledat" (Search) field. Note, the map is clickable, so if you want to go to the official sites of any section of Prague, just click. Also most (good) street maps should show the boundaries of the city regions.

    As has been mentioned, the public transit system is excellent, so it shouldn't make a huge difference where you live (except perhaps in rental prices). In some places, you'll have a longer commute, sure, but Prague is a wonderful place to explore.
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    To give you a quick idea:

    - Prague 1 (Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town, Prague Castle) - this is the historical center and the most expensive area to live

    - Prague 2 (Vinohrady) - you'll find some elegant residential areas there, conveniently accessible from the center. This is still considered an expensive area to live.

    - Prague 3 (Žižkov) - some parts of it are very nice, are close enough to the center and are less expensive than Prague 2. You could find some deals there.

    - Prague 4 (Nusle) - some areas here are nice, some others less so. Prices are definitely lower here.

    - Prague 5 (Smíchov, Anděl) - this is an up-and-coming district. I'm not that familiar with it but I think it's becoming more and more popular with renters. It's close enough to the center and very well connected.

    - Prague 6 (Břevnov, Dejvice, Bubeneč) - some areas here are upscale and expensive (mainly the villa districts), others are more affordable.

    - Prague 7 (Trója) - this is farther out of Prague, you need to take the metro and bus there (30 min. to the center?) but it could be a good and less pricey option.

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