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    I have a Czech boyfriend, he sent me a few sms texts in Czech, but the problem is he does not read or write in Czech since they left the country when he was six. i am wondering if anyone cant guess or try to figure out what he is trying to say. also... I want to learn Czech not just to speak to him and his parents but also because i would love to go to Czech Republic and see where my ancestors came from. I dont like the program dvd, cd, ie type learning, I would like to find text books or children's books for grammar and such. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? or perhaps someone here would be willing to teach me. i learn better with assignments rather than repetition. any help of any kind would be much apreciated!! thank you!!

    ~ya te mam rat
    ~te sesh heska
    ~dobre noce laska
    ~te sesh takova heska holka
    (I think he just spells it like it sounds?)
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    Thank you!!
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    Vím, those phrases můj cěsky is getting better, :roll: Ahoj Fort Hood Texas :wink:

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