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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by orange, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. orange

    orange Member

    Hi. I'm traveling to Prague next summer and I have a Q.
    Do people get carded at a bar and club?
    If so, do I need to have my passport as ID when I go out?


  2. Eli

    Eli Member

    I've been to many bars and clubs in Prague, as well as in other cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and I was never carded. Over there, as long as you look like you're at least 18, you will have no problems. And even if you look younger than 18, most places will still let you in.

    One piece of advice, never carry your passport to the bars or clubs because it's an easy way to lose it! I've seen a lot of tourists get pick pocketed in the bars and also on the buses and trams. So be careful with that passport.

  3. maartenv

    maartenv Well-Known Member

    Carding is not usual.

    Your passport will be the most (only??) acceptable mean of identifying yourselve. I think you will have no problems entering any bar, exept disco's or clubs where they have tehir own rules for selecting the minimum age for their guests. (To prevent a disco full with 15 year olds or so)

    For ordering drinks it's also never a problem. I have been there with 16 year olds and they got so drunk, that we had problems getting them home, and in their tents. (not so nice, but hey, it was holiday for them too!) I've been in the Czech Republic a couple of time with 40 - 80 glider friends, and if anyone would have been carded, I would have known. It's uncommon in the Netherlands too, except for ordering alcoholic beaverages.
  4. orange

    orange Member

    Hi Eli :D

    Thank you for the information!!!
    It's good to know they normally don't card in Prague, but just in case, I guess it's safer to take a copy of my passport when I go out.
    Thanks again!!!

  5. orange

    orange Member

    Hi Maarten!!!

    Thanks for the info!!!
    If 16 y/os can get drinks, I'm sure I can get them, too..hahah.


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