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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by esteve22, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. esteve22

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    Does anyone know much about importing a new car to the Czech Republic from the USA? I want to get one for my Czech wife who lives part-time in CR (Prague). I understand that cars are expensive in CR so that it might be more econmical to buy it here in the USA and ship it there. I have found that shipping is not so costly. But I know nothing about import duties, taxes, etc. Also, it would go directly from the dealer to the port in the USA and would not be registered or have license plates or insurance yet. It would arrive in Germany where she or her father would pick it up and drive it to CR. At least, that is the plan as far as I have it. Also, I hear the car may need some modifications to be legal in CR. Last ;-) question: she likes a Toyota (Rav4); can they be serviced reasonably easily there? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :?:
  2. eso

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    Here my five cents:

    Forget about cars with automatic transmission - too high operating costs with European gas prices. Finally - there could be need to adjust some things on cars to European standards - like lights etc.

    About EU import duties - I'm not so sure about present numbers, according to this page - - in 2005 it was about 30%.

    Toyota - I think no problem. You can contact Czech branch of Toyota -
  3. motorbike_ventures

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    If you want to save money on a car then buy it in Germany. You save on shipping and it is much easier to register and you don't have to pay taxes on it (EU).
  4. Sam

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    If you import it brand new you will have to pay import duty and then VAT. If the car is first registered in your wife's name in the country of origin and then registered to her when imported here and she can prove she was resident in the country of origin, then there is no import duty and no VAT. But if it is sold within 12 months the VAT on the import value will have to be paid.
    There is a full Toyota dealer network here.
    I disagree with the comment about auto transmission, if she likes auto then that's what she should have, there is an obsession here about manual transmission!!! The difference in fuel is negligible. However I suggest you compare to prices in Germany first especially if your thinking of a brand new car with shipping costs and taxes.
  5. McCracken

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    This link from the European competition commission on car price comparisons might be of interest: ... eport.html

    In general, Germany currently has the highest average prices in the Eurozone, whilst CR has the highest average prices within the wider 27 countries in the EU as a whole.

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