Champions League Soccer: MAn Utd. vs Sparta Prague

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Irish_student, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Irish_student

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    Alright. On hearing about the draw for the group stages of the Champions League, I found out that my team Manchester United were drawn against Sparta Prague. Are tickets expensive for matches like this, and are they hard to come by? How and where would I get tickets for the match in Prague?

    Also, Sigma Olomouc are playing Real Zaragoza in the UEFA cup. As the old saying goes, when in rome, do as romans do...i was thinking about going to this tie aswell...would anyone be able to tell me the capacity of Olomouc's stadium, and would anyone know how expensive tickets for tis match would be?
  2. Halef

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    Th ticket for Sparta league matches cost 50 - 230 Kč. Maybe they will be more expensive for MU, but they were not for Ferencváros, so who knows.
    You can buy tickets at the stadium, or try the e-mail contact . I think it would not be a problem to get a ticket, even CL matches are not able to sell out a stadium usually.

    The capacity of Sigma stadium is about 12000 places.
  3. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    Excellent! thanks very much
  4. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    I have another question to ask: is there much violence and hooliganism at these matches? I planned on going to see this match but I was warned by a friend of mine from Slovakia that there might be a lot of trouble, with some of the Czech hooligans looking to beat up travelling supporters. Is this the case?

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