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    In the following sentences I am to insert the proper form of kteŕý or jaký

    1-KTERÍ studenti jěstě nejsou tady? Jíří, Milena a Věra.
    Which students are still not here? Jíří, Milena and Věra

    2-JAKÝ je rozdíl mezi románem a povídkou? Velký.
    What sort-kind of difference is there between a novel and a story? Big.

    3-JAKÉ jsou univerzity v střední Evropě? Staré.
    What kinds of universities are there in Central Europe? Old.

    4-KTERÉ povídky Boženy Némcové máte? Tuhle a tamtu.
    Which Boženy Némcové stories do you have? This one and that one.

    I'm not sure about this one. Is které (F. Plural Acc.) correct? Also, I'm not sure about the end part which is the response to the question. What are their cases here?I think they are F. Referring back to Povídky.

    5-JAKOU máte ted' hodinu? Hodinu francouzštiny.
    What king of lesson do you have. French lesson.

    I chose the accusative female singular for my form of Jaký here. Is this correct ? If it is then is it in the accusative because of the verb mít? Also, why is it the the second sentence is not "Mám hodinu(acc) francouzštiny(gen). It seems as though the verb mít is implied here by the fact that the sentence uses the accusative form of hodina. The end of sentence #4 seems this way too.

    Any errors I may have made in choosing between který or jaký please let me know and as to why. Thanks a lot.

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