Childrens Websites in Czech for study method?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Anthony_Havlicek, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Ahoj,

    I tried searching the forum for any previous mention for childrens sites on the web but came up empty handed. I also searched google but once again nothing. Does anyone know of any good childrens websites in Czech that would be good for learning/translating as a study method? Something with lots of colorful pictures? :lol:

    I am aware of but am looking for something with more text instead of single words.

  2. I came across and found some youtube videos that are helpful. Also some 'Pohadky o Masinkach' youtube videos I found are great as well. On the other hand, websites with short children's stories in Czech continue to elude me......
  3. Guesse what!!! I just solved my problem.... I was bored and decided to randomly serach 'jablko' in google and came up with ! Fairy Tales with Pictures!!! haha :D 8)
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    Good job Anthony, children's stuff, that is what we czech learners need.
    That is a good link.
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  7. Hey, thanks for the links everyone! This should keep me busy deciphering for a while. :lol:
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    Yea, nice links. Thanks.
    Children's fairy tales and such.

    Nyní se děj do práce!....Now get to work!
    Ta je pro tebe, ty stará čarodějnice!...This is for you, you old witch.

    You never know when such phrases can come in handy. :D
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