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  1. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Hum, I am not so up on my trees I see...

    But isnt it contradictory to say that it isnt the largest tree ever, then

    Did they import them previously from another country?

    It really isnt so important though :wink:

    Personally, I dont like the artifical tree, a tad too blue for my eyes...

    I also am wondering about the payout the poor lad got, or did he???
  2. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Sorry, it refers to this year, not all time. It didn't occur to me that it was unclear. The tree on Old Town Square is supposedly the largest real tree used as a Christmas tree in the Czech Republic this year.

    I've read that the British man got 14 thousand EUR.

    I don't like the look of the artificial tree either, but at least it saves a live tree from certain death, so it can continue growing happily in the mountains. :)
  3. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Yes, I agree, stay green and keep it blue 8)

    According to the article it seems as if the chap has yet to get a dime, pound, crown, euro...

    Even the wicked witch of the west got a settlement after a house fell on her :wink:
  4. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    He never got a dime....
    Xmas tree leads to lawsuit
    06/12/2005 14:08 - (SA)

    Prague - The Czech lawyer for a British tourist injured when a Christmas tree collapsed on top of him in the centre of Prague said on Tuesday she would lodge a court claim for €52 000 in damages.

    "I am going to court today," said Marie Cilinkova, adding that neither Prague city council or the company operating a Christmas market where the tree was a centre piece attraction had accepted liability for the accident or made an offer to compensate Malcolm Tuffin.

    Tuffin suffered fractures of the femur and chest and back injuries when the 25-metre high spruce toppled on top of him in high winds on December 6, 2003, in the tourist centre of Prague.

    He has not worked since the accident, Cilinkova said.

    Earlier estimates of damages had been around €208 000. "It is lower now because loss of earning was not as high as we thought before," Cilinkova explained. ... 85,00.html
  5. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    iDNES, February 2, 2005

    "Magistrát se s Britem dohodl na částce 14 tisíc eur (asi 420 tisíc korun)... Primátor od začátku tvrdil, že za nehodu nese odpovědnost provozovatel vánočních trhů, ale finanční pomoc Britovi nabídl. Zástupci magistrátu se nakonec s Tuffinovými právníky dohodli na částce 14 tisíc eur... Odškodnění pokládá Bém za symbolické. Podle něj byly ve hře dvě možnosti daru: upravený automobil Škoda, nebo peníze v hodnotě vozu. Tuffin prý zvolil finanční odškodnění." full article

    Translation: "The city council has agreed with the Briton on the amount of 14 thousand Euros (about 420 thousand crowns)... The mayor had claimed from the beginning that the accident was the responsibility of the Christmas market organizer, but did offer the Briton financial help. Representatives of the city council and Tuffin's lawyers ended up agreeing on the amount of 14 thousand Euros... Bém regards the compensation as symbolic. He says that two types of gifts were offered: an upgraded Škoda car or a cash value of the car. Tuffin supposedly chose financial compensation."

    So which is it? It seems that not only the reported height of the tree keeps changing.

    Here's an afterthought. Was Tuffin compensated by his insurance company? Did he have travel insurance? Health insurance? Is he seeking more money from the Prague city council in addition to a compensation he received from his insurance company?
  6. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Interesting Dana, is this a case of irresponsible reporting on behalf of the Prague Post, or, MF Dnes???

    While I read the Post, I do think they tend to be very opinionated and draw harsh reviews against the very country that supports them, but what heck, I'll forward the MF article to the the articles originator, although I doubt we will see a reply from them....keep you posted....

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