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Discussion in 'Culture' started by TM, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. TM

    TM Member

    Not sure if this is culture related but a friend of mine stayed in Prague at the beginning of this year and went to an "awesome" (his words not mine) night club called "Club DaVida" but due to his advanced state of incapacitation he is unsure as to where exactly it is located :D Could one of the Prague Gurus please tell me if such a locale exists and where it is located (a map would be great) in relation to the city centre?

    Thanks in advance for the help I'm sure I'll recieve.

  2. symmetry

    symmetry New Member

    I'd really like to check that club out myself. Your friend must have had a blast. If that's the way they party in Prague I really need to pay a visit.
  3. TM

    TM Member

    So that's what he was on about? Actually he wouldn't tell me what was so "awesome" about it but I don't really think it exists because I stayed in the centre of Prague last week. Everyday, my Czech friend would ask taxi drivers if they knew where it was located and not one of them did, furthermore, none of them offered to take us to any alternate venues either.

    I really loved Prague. It has a "vibe" about it. The place is buzzing. The architecture, the cheap prices and the non stop night life made it a "must see again" destination. Heck, I'm even planning a Prague picture section on my website. :lol:
  4. newwebster73

    newwebster73 New Member

    Here is the club. I dont think they let men in thu, unless they have a specail night for it. Its mostly for females bacholette parties and such. Wild hot women moesting the male strippers.

    Edited by Site Admin: Sorry, we don't allow links to porn sites. The link was removed. You are welcome to post the address of the club if you know it (their site does not provide it). Thanks.
  5. Fred23

    Fred23 Member

    What I don't understand why ordinary girls keep going to that club because as people who have visited the website the previous poster referes too, those girls who do end up on a adult-website.

    Makes me wonder if Czech women are stupid :?


  6. hawaiianchika

    hawaiianchika Member

    Fred23- I agree with you man!! It's so not good or moral to go to those websites or clubs!!
  7. Fred23

    Fred23 Member


    You right! I have done some research regarding the existence of a club in Prague called Davida where female guests supposedly have sex with male guests and employee of the club in full view of other guests.

    According to a russian website there is no such club in Prague called Davida and the people shown in the videos are all prostitutes or people who works in the sex-industri.
    Futhermore the videos aren't shot in Prague either but in a film-studio in Moscow, which is made to look like Prague (czech-champaigne is visible on the tables in most of the videos).

    The purpose of the adult-industry is to bring fantasi to life and the claimed existence of club where ordinary people supposely have sex indiscriminately in full view of others while cameras are rolling is a good example of that.

    Such a club where people act like primitive animals and do no-brainer stuff like having unsafe sex in full view of others as showed in the videos is totally unrealistic and could NEVER happen in real life, because the risk of pregnancy and sexual transmitted illnesses are too great.

    Therefore people sorry to disappoint You but Davida doesn't exist.


    JOHNNY Member

    Sounds like a whorehouse. Typically such places are illegal and not public. Of course, if that is what you are looking for - I am sure they can be found.
  9. Fred23

    Fred23 Member

    I can't imagine why any person would want to visit such a place.

    Its idiotic to surgest that such a place would even exist, but I said in my earlier post that the purpose of the Adult Entertainment Industry is to make wird peoples fantasies into entertainment.

    The most scary thing about all of this is, that some people mostly men but a couple of women too, can't distingues between sex as its portraited in an Adult movie and sex in real life, and thats the reason why innocent people end up getting hurt, because some people can't control their primite urges.

    All in all selling sex and pornography should be banned, because its messes up peoples minds.

    I know many would disagree with me,but I think if porno was banned again, it would allow people focus on more important stuffs.

  10. JOHNNY

    JOHNNY Member

    I agree. Its taking advantage of people that are desperate. Obviously, the people that work there would rather have clean jobs. To me, it shouldn't be hard to just meet girls around town (nice girls).
  11. Fred23

    Fred23 Member


    A wise person once said to me that you don't meet nice girls at a bar.
    You meet nice girls at the library or at the church/community-center.
    I tend to believe that person.


    p.s. If people try to rise above the animals and get their primitive urges under control, then there would be less crime and poverty in the world.
  12. cajeput

    cajeput Guest


    Talking about Da vida club - it doesn't matter whether it exists in reality or not, but you will never find an place where orgies are organized with public access and tickets. People from movies you've seen are just actors with rotation period about a year - you aways see same faces there in different fragments. Let's leave aside the question how do they get so many young and hot girls - eventualy it's their knowhow.

    But if Da Vida exists and one can access it from the street, it might be quite hot place just because of tons of ads made by eromaxx. You'll find there a lot of porno-addicted guys from all over the world and a crowd of czech sluts. But it's not such a unique place as it might seems.

    I live in Moscow, Russia. And I know that nowadays girls are quite selective in comparison with girls 10 years earlier. In 1995-2000 I saw people fucking right on the tables behind the dancing crowd in Hungry Duck club for example. But today it's gonna be normal to find a date for a night or seduce someone in the dark corner of the dance floor, but if you want something special, you have to pay or take you chick and go to the swinger club! They'll fuck her and you'll fuck someone else. :)
  13. Fred23

    Fred23 Member

    We here in the West used to refer to You Russians as Crazy Ivans, but from You write Sir, it sounds like that people in Russia have matured a bit then regards to intercouse.

    Another thing I have heard that many of the companies who film Adult Movies in The Czech Republic are tied to the Russian Mafia.

    But still we have to realize that there many poor people in former USSR.

    I saw a documentary on BBC which showed that young girls 18-25 in e.g. Romania are willing to sell themself to complete stranger for less than 50 USD.

    But that not the worse stuff that happens there.

    I don't know about you, but I find that tragic.


  14. cajeput

    cajeput Guest

    Dear Fred, thank you for your opinion and your empathy! I'm very touched!

    A little bit offtop. I think there are 2 main reasons for intolerance: geopolitical interests (today mainly caused by economical goals) and cultural differences. The Cold War was the synergy of both that forces. That's why we were so wrong about each other! I'm sure that people of each country, of each nation are God's creatures and are very similar and should never discredit national pride of each other. But alas 2 reasons mentioned above are inevitable companions of human society.

    Initially slavic people have very strong internal (mental) moral norms. Two reasons again: originally most of citizens of slavic countries was peasants and lived in small closed communities where public opinion was very important for each member. And the second reason is a religion. Orthodox Christianity brings very strict moral norms.

    But what happened in the end of the 20th century? Great changes! GDP downgrade in Russia in 1990s was twice (!) a GDP downgrade during the World War II. And another thing: in 20th century Russian society had two knockouts. At the beginning of the century when the Monarchy was replaced by Stalin's Asian tyranny and genocide and at the end of the century when soviet system was replaced by Eltzin's economical anarchy and genocide again.

    That's why our society seems to be wild and crazy from outside. Just because 20th century was a great slaughter for most of its members and all terrible symptoms of sick society (mafia, people abuse, tax cheating, demographic recession, resource oriented economy) are faced today.

    Yes, many girls are selling themselves here. The price range (per hour) is from $30 (for chicks on the streets) to $200 and average is $70-100. But today there are other ways to food oneself. So that is their own choice - such an easy job - and thus I think that saint/slut ratio is equal for Moscow and other big cities. Commercial sex and other kinds of amusement is also wide spread for all categories of people. If demand exists - supply will occur. As I've heard from my friend came here from the USA, life here is variegated and less constrained by the social rules. You could just come and see :)

    About myself. I'm just a simple 25 y.o. guy, living on his own, watching around and thinking about the place and time I have to born and live.

    Thanks in advance for anyone participating in discussion!

  15. gypzy

    gypzy Well-Known Member

    From what I've been reading regarding this topic some people have been calling the girls involved in the porn/prostitution rings sluts. Even though I don't know of this personally I can only form conclusions. As Fred23 has seen docu's on BBC, in the states on Dateline, 20/20 and other shows here have also shown documentaries on such topics. Most of the girls are not willing participants. From what these docu's show is that people will go to poor girls or her family in Russia or Eastern/Central Europe and promise wonderful jobs that have nothing to do with sex. Or they are simply modeling jobs. Once these people have the girls they force them to live in filth where many girls share one small bedroom, they do not get the adiquet food and nutrition. Many of them are brought to New York or Mexico, never to see their families again. Sometimes the girls are just kidnapped off the street. It happens here in the states also, usually the girls are runaways. So you can not call a sex slave a slut.
    I'm just curious about the friend of the original poster. It sounds like maybe he was drugged and had his money stolen or something like that?
    If I'm wrong about anything I've said, please correct me.
  16. cajeput

    cajeput Guest

    Gypsy, you're absolutely right about the issue of sex slaves. But I think this is a separate topic. Great deal of prostitutes are involved deceptively in this business. But I think most of them have enough freedom to give it up. Just leaving aside those terrible brothels you've noticed. I saw young girls being prostitutes (which came by call) and they were free to escape, to go back to their home town, to their family. They had pimps, but not at the moment. Nobody hold them, nobody watched them. I asked them: Why do you do this? Don't you understand that this is the way to nowhere? Some of them say that they like it, some of them say they need money (not for their families, for themself, to buy something), some of them say they want to "see the real life". But I think it's their desire to continue being prostitutes. Many student-aged girls come to Moscow from outskirts, dating in clubs and asking to give them some money for a night, but you could often persuade them to do it for free. Are they victims? No! It's their own life - they are owners of their life! It's not easy to be rich, it's not easy even to buy a dwelling. But it's possible to get a job, to do it carefully and to get money enough for life! Crisis here is not so harsh! But it's much easier to go somewhere expecting to get easy money for a job seems to be simple.

    As for the word "slut" maybe it's too rude - I don't feel shades of meaning just beacause it's not my mother tongue...
  17. silverkinguk

    silverkinguk Well-Known Member

    I agree with Cajeput I know a few girls who like meeting guys in Russia and in Czech rep for a good time meeting up and whatever else.It is their own choice and most these girls enjoy meeting different people from abroad.
    There are illegal activities like the sex trafficking and that is a part and parcel of the black market and thats wrong and should be eradicated.Not all ladies live and work under the same circumstances.

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