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Discussion in 'Language Exchange & Czech Classes' started by Rikitan, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Rikitan

    Rikitan Member


    I`m looking for somebody who would like to improve written Czech and to correspond in Czech / English language with me. You can send your email in Czech, I`ll correct your eventual mistakes and I`ll send you an exact correction plus my email in English. We can correct each others' grammar.

    My email is: "" We can send to each other several short emails a week. We can correspond almost about everything, e.g. local people and their habbits, countryside, music, the most useful vocabulary and phrases, if you need to help with some translations or if you plan to visit our country. I`m able to give you lots of answers to your questions and lots of useful information about Prague and Czech Republic.

    Thank you

  2. judi

    judi Active Member

    I would like to do that, even I do not know czech at all...but I'm eager to learn.

    so if you do not find anybody else, give me a call at
  3. kimarina

    kimarina Member

    Hey, any chance of emailing in a round somehow? I need some help with my Czech too.
    Ta, Kim
  4. Rikitan

    Rikitan Member

    to kimarina:

    No problem :) Just write me an email in Czech and I will correct your mistakes and send it back with my English email. It will be interestening, useful and amusing !
  5. igy76

    igy76 New Member

    Hi Rikitan,

    Just in case you haven't received my email yet (from Yahoo), I wanted to post on here now that I'm registered and let you know that I have responded to you regarding this proposition.

    I have a short paragraph that I've written in Czech, words that I got off of a English/Cz website I found, but I don't have a lot of faith in it, so I sent it to you to double check everything, as I have a female friend I've made online in Prague that I'm trying to communicate with, and wanted to surprise her by writing entirely in Czech.

    Though I must apologize for something, I didn't realize this until the email was already sent. You said you wanted to do this so that you could help correct a learning person's pronunciation of Czech, and then in translating the Czech you receive into English and sending it back, the other person could help you by correcting any pronunciation errors of the English (gee... got all that? LOL) Anyway, due to the nature of my situation, since I was double checking with you language that I'd already changed from English-to-Czech, in the start of the email I wrote out in English what it was I was trying to send to my friend, so I realize now it's defeating the purpose of what you are trying to do, since I already displayed the correct grammar/pronunciation of the English. Again, I am sorry. Thank you for your help.
  6. Rikitan

    Rikitan Member

    Hi igy76 !

    I am so sorry for my late response. I have just sent you a long email including translationed sentences. I have tried my best :) Please check your email and I look forward to your answer !

  7. UkMizzy

    UkMizzy New Member

    I maybe too late to get a response from you (do pice!), but I hope not. I have a Czech friend (a male) who is living here to practise English and I am helping him but I would like to practise what little Czech he is teaching me, can you help?

    Ja muze byt priliz pozde na to doztat odezvu od vas, ale doufam ze ne. Ja mam Czeskho pritele, kdo je zvotni zde cvicit anglictinu a ja pomaham jemu ale rad bych cvicit co malo cesky on je ucici me, muzes pomahat?

    dìkuji vám
  8. Rikitan

    Rikitan Member

    Hello UkMizzy, please have a look at your "private message box". You will find there my answer and other information :)

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