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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Rikitan, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Rikitan

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    I`m looking for somebody who would like to improve written Czech and to correspond in Czech / English language with me. You can send your email in Czech, I`ll correct your eventual mistakes and I`ll send you an exact correction plus my email in English. We can correct each others' grammar.

    My email is: "" We can send to each other several short emails a week. We can correspond almost about everything, e.g. local people and their habbits, countryside, music, the most useful vocabulary and phrases, if you need to help with some translations or if you plan to visit our country. I will send you a lot of useful information about Prague and the Czech Republic.

  2. Marie

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    Ahoj, Rikitan!
    I'm a gal from the states and I have just recently begun learning Czech. I would really like someone to help me with it, since looking up words on the internet or in books doesn't work as well as having someone actually teach it.
    I know a few small words, like proc, ne, ano, dobry den, and some phrases like Jak se mate?, Nerozumim, and Smim prosit? ( :) that last one is from the Phrasebook- Fun Phrases section of this website).
    Na shledanou!
  3. Marie

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    Sorry, P.S., I forgot to say that of course I will help you with your English as well. :wink:
  4. Bacchus

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    I would be glad to help, but I'm not sure I speak enough Czech to communicate... well, much of anything. :(

    I am, however, VERY interested in learning Czech so if you would want a beginner student, please e-mail me.

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