Cuban girl would like to meet new friends in Prague

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Ode, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Ode

    Ode New Member

    Hi there!

    I am Cuban but I live in New York City. I am visiting Prague from August 1st until the 9th. I only know a few czech words. I would love to meet people from Prague and go out to dance salsa, if you know any places where we can dance salsa in Prague. I am out going and friendly.


  2. sbracco

    sbracco New Member

    Hi Ode:

    I'll be in Prague for the first tim the end of July to August 6, and I'm in Park Slope! While I don't salsa--at least not until I've had a few drinks in me--I'd enjoy meeting a fellow NYer for a meal or drink or compare adventures. I'm still figuring out how to pronounce Ahoj!
    I'm a literary, artistic kind of guy--will be in Prague for a creativity workshop. Write back if you'd like to meet!

  3. frankie

    frankie New Member

    shame you are leaving on the 9th
    i am arriving on the 11th
    any tips on the best clubs and bars to go to??
    did you enjoy your stay

  4. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    To Stephen: Ahoj comes from a hoy - so just pronounce it as if it were English!
  5. cavalier_101

    cavalier_101 Member

    hey i am from UAE
  6. milton

    milton Well-Known Member

    For Salsa unfortunately there are only two hotspots to go....but seeing how you're from NYC and Cuban to boot, maybe you'll find they're more like COLD spots lol..

    anyways heres the 411 on the Salsa World here in Prague.

    Any other day than FRIDAY... I totally have to recommend Tropison right in the KOTVA centre on the 5th floor. Each day the music varies along with whichever DJ is playing so don't expect Carnegie Hall or nothing lol. Cover charge is usually 100 czk, but lately has been 200czk on Saturdays b/c they usually have been having special shows-- for example an African Tribal dance show or most recently a Brazilan show- both were really NICE by the way.

    Friday you have options-- Friday a place called MANES is pretty nice. 50czk cover charge, the place is right off the Vltava River, NOT hard to find. Better salsa sets I would say (in my opinion)

    OR you could go to Dinitz Cafe on Fridays between 10pm-1am. They have a Cuban Band called "Son Caliente", also my personal friends who perform there every friday. Cover Charge is 150czk I believe (sorry I don't know b/c I never pay) -- Son Caliente plays some HOTT old school jams like Guantanamera, Chan Chan along with some other hot jams (from Buena Vista Social Club) just to name a few.

    OR of course if you got an itch to scratch... you could ALWAYS go back to Tropison on a Friday Night, which is what I sometimes do after I go support my Cuban boys @ Dinitz.

    Anways here are some links to help you out:

    If you want you can also e-mail me @
  7. hijodetolosa

    hijodetolosa Member

    Hi. I will go this august. from 11 to 17. I am a Mexican and maybe i can't dance very well, but i try. Saludos.

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