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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by AJ, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. AJ

    AJ Active Member

    Can someone tell me the difference between these two cuts of beef as sold in the supermarket;
    HOVEZI ZADNI falesna svickova - platky and

    Are there any good sites that could help me out with the translation of different cuts of beef, pork etc.
  2. Dana

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    Hi AJ,

    I never buy beef, so I'm unfortunately not completely sure how to translate these two particular terms into English or even what they exactly are. :oops: I'm sure someone will post the correct terms here.

    However, I was thinking, instead of linking to other sites, why not try to create our own list of English - Czech "meat terms" here? We could then even post the list in the Cuisine section or elsewhere on the site. Do you have any other specific terms in mind?

  3. Wayne05

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    There is a fairly good pictorial version of the beef cuts on the following website:

    It has the "Zadni" or rump steak/round steak, but the "rostena is likely to be "rostenec" and could be either a shoulder roast or chuck or alternately a type of loin depending on the location (vysoky nebo nizky).

    Obviously, that covers a lot of territory on the animal.

    My guess would be a rump steak and a loin cut.

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