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    While on holiday last week in CR, I visited Čáslav (once again) and there is a new book available of 15 cycle routes around the area. They take in a lot of the villages in the region, and the book is well illustrated with photographs, has clear maps of each route, and a lot of information regarding the history and things to see.
    The routes are marked as easy, middle or difficult, and have different lengths from 22km to 56km. There is also a profile of each route giving an idea of gradients to be met.
    Only available in Czech as yet, I thought it was a brilliant book, and when translated to English (I understand that translation is in progress) would be a great tourist guide to the area.

    Na Kole Okolo Čáslavi - 15 cyklistických výletů na Čáslavsku
    by Hana Grunfeldová and Zdena Prášková ISBN 80-239-4058-9

    I have to get fit now - so I can take advantage of it in the summer when hopefully I will go again!
    I have no connection with the publication of the above, I just thought it was interesting and would share.

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