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    I have a general idea of what this means, but would like to know exactly.

    "Pan Smith je v Praze.Doma v Anglii bydli v byte v cinzaku, ale tady v Praze maluxusni pokoj v hotelu. Je bankovani urednik, svobodny a kazdy rok travi mesic nekde v cizine. Takhle si muze krasne odpocinout. Rad poznava osobne kazde mesto, ktere zna jen z obrazku. Vsude kupuje pohlednice, ale zasadne nikomu nepise. Je rad, ze muze byt chvili sam."

    "Manzele Bradcovi bydli v hotelu Jalta. Jejich kufr je jeste v taxiku, protoze taxikar chce deset dolaru a Brabcovi maji jenom kreditni karty a koruny. Honem hledaji smenarnu, protoze uz jsou unaveni a maji taky hlad."

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    This sounds like an assignment given to someone as homework...

    Mr. Smith is in Prague. When at home in England, he lives in a flat in an apartment building, but here in Prague he has a luxury room in a hotel. He is a bank clerk, single, and every year he spends one month somewhere in a foreign country. In this manner he can have a nice rest. He enjoys personally getting to know each city that he knows from pictures. He buys postcards everywhere, but does not write to anyone. He is happy that he can be alone for a while.

    Mr. and Mrs. Bradec (Bradcov?) live in the hotel Jalta. Their suitcase is still in the taxi, because the cabbie (taxi driver) wants ten dollars (cash?) and Mr. and Mrs. Brabec have only credit cards and crowns (Czech cash). The are quickly looking for an exchange venue, because they are already tired and are hungry as well.

    This is rather "starchy", and at least the Canadian English would be somewhat more "colloquial", but if you want pretty-near exact translation, here it is
  3. Ryan2005

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    Mozna ze to zni jako domaci uloha, protoze jsem ten text zkopiroval z ucebnice cestiny kterou mam. Dekuji ti zes mne to prelozil.

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