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  1. stepan

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    I would appreciate it if someone would translate the below paragraph for me. I believe it relates to my late father or one of his sons/grandsons from a first family:

    Do poválečné historie Zotavovny ROH v Sedmihorkách se zapsal její dlouholetý vedoucí Václav Adámek. Ten odešel do důchodu 30.září 1975 ve věku 64 let. Zotavovnu vedl plných 13 let. Na jeho místo nastoupil 45 letý Štěpán Hejda dosud zastávající místo vedoucího zotavovny v Peci p.Sněžkou.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Karel_lerak

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    His place in the post-war history of the „zotavovna ROH“ in Sedmihorky has its long time manager Václav Adámek. He retired on September 30th 1975 in the age of 64. He was managing the "zotavovna" for full 13 years. He was replaced by Štěpán Hejda (45) who is still working as a manager of „zotavovna“ in Pec p. Sněžkou (place in Krkonoše mountains).

    Zotavovny ROH – the hotels belonging to trade unions
    Zotavovna = appr. „recreation house“
  3. stepan

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    Thank you for the translation. That man, who is has the same name as me, could very well be my half brother. He would have been the right age. Now I wish there were some way to contact him. Today, he would be 77 years old.

    Is anyone out there who could help me with this contact?

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