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  1. wer

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    Yes, nearly.

    Zvědav is the nominal form of adjective zvědavý meaning curious.
  2. rfp

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    Thanks, would it be normal to say Jsem zvědav(y) or mam zvědav(y)?

    Also, does anyone happen to know what the abbreviation AMK means in terms of Throid hormones?

    Amine Kysely maybe? Sorry for the spelling, can't remember how to spell acid in czech :oops:

  3. wer

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    Jsem zvědav(ý) (= I'm curious) is correct.

    Mám zvědav(ý) (= I have curious) is nonsense.

    The only common meaning is Auto moto klub:wink:. Possibly it is an ad hoc short.

    The Czech word for acid is kyselina. Yes, AMK could be a short for aminokyselina.
  4. rfp

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    aminokyselina, perfect. amino acid.

    Can you use zvědavy in the same way in english that you can say "I'm curious" and also "that something is curious" ?
  5. eso

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    You can say ""I'm curious"" - Jsem zvědavý.


    But in "Something is curious" is "curious" translated as
    zvláštní, podivný, nezvyklý (strange, odd, peculiar)
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  7. scrimshaw

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    jsem zvědav=I am curious
    Learning čech in Prague, and studying medicine. What an adventure.

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