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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by magan, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. magan

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    I am looking forward to going to cz movie theatres as some of the old ones in Prague are simply fabulous. I am only interested in going to see Czech or other "eastern european" movies which we don't have a chance to see in US/Canada.

    Can you recommend some I shouldn't miss?
  2. Joss

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    Hi Magan

    I can suggest three Czech films. They are not new out but they are all good.

    Divided We Fall by Jan Hrbjek. A dark comedy about a family and friends divided by the Nazi invasion. It is intense funny and moving and I love it. You can get it subtitled on VHS also.

    Kolja is a wonderful story about a 50 year old musician who is very much a ladies man. A confirmed bachelor he gets suddenly left with a 5 year old russian boy called Kolja and has to cope! Funny and touching.

    Dark Blue World is a wartime story about Czech Pilots who flee to England to fight with the RAF. It cuts forward to the the fate of many of the pilots who returned finding themselves imprisoned by the comunists. It is a mixture of several character's stories and how fate treats them. It is a mixture of czech and English and is available on DVD.

    If you are in Prague and want to buy them then go into Bontonland in Wencesslas Square. They had them in stock in January.

    Hope you enjoy.
  3. pismomalir

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    My favourites are Rok Dabla (year of the devil) which is described as a sad comedy about angels( it's also about musicians and alcoholism.); Samotari (Loners) about life in prague for twentysomethings in the nineties, and Knoflikari (the buttoners), about coincidence: the film manages to link the hiroshima bombing to a plan to send sperm into space to snipping buttons from furniture with dentures to a taxi-driving make-up-artist.....Bizarre, and fantastic films all of them......
  4. ondrejana

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    Hello again!

    We are actually planning on watching Muzeme si pomahat this evening! Just picked up the DVD at our local library and will be very eager to see how this dark drama plays itself out

    Kolya was absolutely an endearing film. The love between the dedicek and the maly kluk really touched me deeply.

    And as for Dark Blue World, have to watch that one... was done by Sverak (Same guy who did Kolya, is this correct?)

    Right now, US and Canadians can purchase the latter two for about $45 US... go onto, magan.


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