CZ to EN: ale jinak dekuju za prani, tobe taky jednu.

Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by whois_dm, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. whois_dm

    whois_dm Member

    Hi everybody!

    Would someone please help me with the translation of this phrase:

    "ale jinak dekuju za prani, tobe taky jednu"

    Thank you!
  2. milton

    milton Well-Known Member

    Hi whois_dm:

    "ale jinak dekuju za prani, tobe taky jednu"

    My czech is absolutely horrible, but I think rough translation of this one is -> thank you for your wishes.. you too

    Anybody else want to confirm or deny?
  3. Wayne05

    Wayne05 Member

    I am not sure that you would like to rely on my Czech either, but I agree with Milton's translation.

    Mine would have been: "however, I thank you for your best wishes and offer one to you as well."
  4. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Yes, Wayne05's version is correct, there's only one snag in it - the "one" in the last clause is feminine, i.e. it is definitely not referring to "wishes". It refers to something foregoing, to a kiss I guess.

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