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    I've heard that Czechs greatly enjoy black humor. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Germany and the rest here in America, so I'm well aware that different cultures have different conceptions of what 'black humor' is ... and how black it can get. Americans tend to take it less black than the Germans do :lol:

    I'm curious to find some movies and songs that display typically Czech black humor. Could anyone make a few recommendations for me?

    To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, here are some typically German examples: -- A song that says you have to be an a-hole to get anywhere in this world -- A very dark parody of German love-songs -- very catchy too :lol: -- A parody of lullabies -- this song was censored by the German government for a long time -- Rammstein goes to Moskau to inform the residents there, how their city is like an aging, overweight prostitute who will do anything for money -- clearly, the audience either agrees with this sentiment, or doesn't speak German :lol:
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    And what you consider a black humor? For me it’s a humor interfering with some taboos. Something like B. Franklin’s quote:

    We must all hang together or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

    Or the joke I heard (if I remember it correctly) from A. Lustig:

    Im Gaskammer:
    „Gas steigt!“
    „Ich kaufe!“

    In “Knoflíkáři” there is rather dry or absurd humor, isn’t? Speaking of Czech black humor, I would highlight “Cremator” or “Česká soda” as suggested by eso.

    I like this video from Česká soda. It’s a parody of an Unicef campaign.

    Miloš Zeman - statesman
    Jan Zákopčaník - hydrometeorolog
    Ladislav Winkelbauer - murder
    Vlasta Štěpová - politician
    Jan Kava - (cover name) KATO
    Vladimír Mlynář - politician
    Marta Kubišová - singer
    Julius Fučík - communist
    Jaroslav Foglar - (nickname) Hawk

    All these childern were fucking buggers.
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    Thanks, guys! I like the Česká soda spoofs :lol: It seems a lot of Czech black humor revolves around Germans and/or WWII. Whereas German black humor condemns the entire human race :twisted:

    So, are there any Czech bands that have blackly humorous song lyrics?

    That's a good way to define it, I think. The Arnošt Lustig joke you mention is a good example of that!

    Basically, black humor invites us to laugh at those things which should make us either very angry or very sad.
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    Yeah, that wouldn't be considered funny by most Americans -- but I like it :twisted:

    I'm wondering what's going on in this Česká soda clip:

    I can pick up a few words that I know, but the joke here is beyond my feeble Czech abilities. The title is easy enough -- 'Go little Jesus go'. But where the hell's he going :lol:
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    In Czech Republic it's not Santa, who brings Christmas presents, no, here it's invisible baby Jesus (kind invention of our atheist nation ;) )

    Linked Youtube video is parody to mobil operator commercial (Go is name of pre-paid card service, "Go, Ježíšku, go" was slogan).
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    Not funny - just plain old fashioned good business

    :wink: :wink: riiight.....

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