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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by delorez, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. delorez

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    :idea: Hi
    We are moving to the Czech Republic in December and I have started a blog. One of the things I have done is try and find Czech blogs that talk about Czech life or reflect the diversity of Czech culture, as well as any experiences of the CR as recorded by travellers and expats.

    My list isn't nearly complete and I would love more Czech-based bloggers to contact me so that I can add their information to my list. There is no charge (I'm doing this as a hobby and also for my own edification).

    If you have a blog and want to tell me about it, please go here:
    link removed by site admin - please see our Posting Guidelines

    Thanks :!:
  2. mike_jtw

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    Well you say you are packing for Prague, but I think I will beat you to CR first as I am leaving UK on 28th Aug to live in Olomouc.

    I am getting really excited and my car is going to be laden to brim, but this new adventure is being made all the more enjoyable by the hospitality that I have been shown by the Czech people. :D

    Would you believe I now have an extended family of Czech relatives already :lol: and everyone has been so very helpful in making me feel a Moravian already.

    Wish you all the success in your great adventure.

  3. Willie

    Willie Active Member

    I hope everything works in your favour Mike.
    It is a wonderful country with wonderful people.
  4. brnoyank

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    Hi Delorez, I've just recently started a blog

    I see that your site was removed - hopefully you can see my blog & add it to your list....I too love to read other czech blogs! :D
  5. ta

    ta Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane,

    I have been living in the US for 10 years now and have a blog for Czechs/Slovaks and Czech-Americans living in the US. I would appretiate if you would czech it out! The web address is

    Also good luck living in CR!! You are probably already there....


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    Thanks. I didn't know that one.

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