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  1. mbacina

    mbacina New Member


    My father was born in Czech Republic and was a czech citizen. He passed away in 1996. My two sisters and I were born in Australia and wish to obtain our czech citizenship.

    Has anyone here applied for czech citizenship based on their parent's being czech?

    It is very confusing and difficult - especially since my czech language skills are very basic.

    thanks for any help! - I'm located in Sydney, Australia
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    Well, that could be complicated. You can’t apply for the citizenship on the basis of father’s ethnicity, but only on the basis of his citizenship.

    The Czech citizenship is canceled by accepting of a foreign citizenship, but there are exceptions concerning mixed families (and splitting of Czechoslovakia and emigration during communistic era). The concrete legal regulation could be dependent on bilateral international treaties. Therefore I recommend you to contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Canberra or the Consulate-General of the Czech Republic in Sydney.
  3. mbacina

    mbacina New Member

    Thank you for your assistance, my father was a Czech citizen, my sisters and I are Australian Citizens by birth.

    I have had discussions with the Czech Consulate in Sydney, the Immigration Department in Czech Republic, the Czech Consulate in Toronto and everyone had a different story as to how we go about it!

    I guess I'm hoping to find someone who has gone through the process of applying for Czech Citizenship based on a parent's czech citizenship. A long short - but the embassy is very confusing to deal with!

    I think I have all the primary documentation assembled - certified and translated copies of marriage, birth and death certificates.

    The only other thing I can think of is paying a Czech Migration Agent to put together the applications for my sisters and myself - but I can't seem to find one in Australia (again a long shot!)

    I appreciate you help =)
  4. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    I’m not sure you can apply for the citizenship, because your information is insufficient. When are you born? (Before the splitting of Czechoslovakia or after it?) Was your father a Czech citizen when you were born? …

    The law concerning this problem is here.
  5. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    tis not only the citizenship of one parent - it also depends on the year of birth...

    if you were born prior to 1969, both parents had to hold czech cistizenship at the time of your birth.... one parent is sufficient if you were born 1969 or later ......

    and, i believe, not sure, but even if your czech parent took another citizenship prior to you birth, it shouldn't matter as long as that citizenship wasn't USA - that, as far as i can tell, is the onlu country that had a treaty with then czechoslovakia as far as losing cz. citizenship..........

    my situation - both parents czech, but father took us citizenship before i was born - so in spite of the fact that me mum was stateless for 40 year, then acquired czech passport - no go for me - and i even live here and speak czech :D

    i did read somwhere that czech parliament is discussing changes to the citizenship law - whereby it would make it easier on the basis of heredity....

    good luck
  6. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    If only… :roll:
    Primarily we have to differenciate between the direct applying for the Czech citizenship and the applying for the Czechoslovak citizenship and subsequently for the Czech citizenship.
    I never heard about it, the Czech Rupublic attempts only to revoke the treaty with the USA.
  7. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    believe me i tried -

    i am just repeating ehat i was told - from brno where the special matrika is - the prague office - the klatovy office, where the ladyfelt sorry enough for me to actually pull out the legislation...

    like i said ,both my parents were born in czechoslovakia - my mother, because she did not take any other citizenship, was able to obtain czech passport after 1989 (it did take about 5 years, but that is different matter) - when i tried to obtain citizenship as one of my parents was czech citizen, first they said yes, but i must go through prague --- there they toldme that sorry - your father is american and due to treaty from 1927 (?) he lost czech citizenship - my ftaher has passed away since, and one office actually said that were he alive, it would be possible.....

    sorry i am roaming about my situation - maybe some one has some advice?

    otherwise, i know quite a few people who have dual citizenship as a result of one parent being czech citizen
  8. mbacina

    mbacina New Member

    My sisters and I were all born after 1969 so we are ok

    My mum is Australian by birth, my father was born in Czech in 1929 so I presume he would have Czechoslovak or Czech Citizenship - I don't know how they changed when the countries split.

    It's a really difficult process...

    Thanks for your help - if you can ask any of your friends who got citizenship from one parent being Czech I would appreciate their tips or comments.


  9. podplukovnik_1

    podplukovnik_1 New Member

    Greetings! The Folks at the Czech Embassy in Washington DC are top notch. Right after the velvet Revolution Rita Klimova was the Ambassador & she was quite sharp as well. In between then & now was a period at the embassy when dealing with it was comparable to the trials and tribulations mentioned in Kafka's book the Castle.

    I would encourage you to hold their feet to the fire until you get results other than confusion...

    You might consider checking out the Czech Embassy in Croatia in the mean time. They have some people who are sharp there too. Do you know of anyone in the USA who could encourage their member of Congress to join Congressman George Radanovich's Croatian caucus?

    What are your current political operations? If you know of anyone in the USA, we are working on the Visa Waiver issue. Even though the Czech Republic is a NATO Allly, some knuckle dragging ape- like self-serving , buck passing bureaucrats at the department of State are not being exactly helpful. If you mention your efforts along these lines to the local Czech Consulate , it could well be (although I Can't promise) that they may be more of assistance.................There is always more than one way to skin a cat!

    By the way, The Czech Republic is on the front lines in the war on terrorism, by training the police in Saudi Arabia.......

  10. mbacina

    mbacina New Member

    In case anyone ever checks back on this thread, I managed after several years (and an inquiry being held) to obtain Czech citizenship and an EU Passport. It was not an easy process and the Sydney Czech Consulate staff were very helpful in guiding me through the process.
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  11. Irena M

    Irena M Well-Known Member

    Congrats mbacina!
  12. Melanie Tobias

    Melanie Tobias New Member

    Hi There. I’m about to start this process for my husband. His dad was born in Czech Republic but escaped during the war when he was 19 and ended up in Australia. He passed away 12mths ago and are now about to try and go down the path of dual passport for my hubby (his mum is Slovenian) so not sure how we will go but would appreciate any tips you have to get us started. Who to contact ? what information we need ? Thanks Melanie
  13. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Melanie,

    I see that mbacina's last post is from 2013. If you'd like him to see your post, you may have better luck if you also contact him by sending him a private message. To do that, click on his profile name and then on "Start a Conversation".

    I hope your husband is able to get his dual citizenship!


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