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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Ctyri koruny, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. wer

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    I just respected the English "look at" used by Ctyri koruny. Of course, "navštěvovat" is better in Czech in the same way as "visit" in English.

    Only rarely, in legal texts, for example.
  2. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Nevěřim tebe! Miluju teplé počasí! Jsem zima když je 75 degrees F. ven. Jsem velmi rada když 90 degrees F. a v Michigan tam je moc humidity jaké Florida, ale ješte mám to ráda. Nijak, rekla chci bydlít Arizonia, kde humidity je malý. Nemám ráda moc humidity. Ale v Arizonia, bude mi chybet plaš!

    What I wanted to say:
    I don't believe you I LOVE HEAT! I'm cold here in Michigan when it is 75 degrees outside. I'm in heaven when it's 90 and in Michigan there is high humidity like Florida, but I still love it. Anyway, I said I want to live in Arizonia where humidity is low. I'm not such a big fan of humidity. But in Arizonia, I will miss the beach!

    oh ok, stupid :)
  3. MK

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  4. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    "Vůl" is the Czech word. The closest English word I can think of is "steer."
  5. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Kazde země má svoje dobré věcí a každě svoje špatně. Jinak, na to by si mohli stěžovat. A víš jak každé má rád stěžit.

    Vlhkost...that 'H' is in a seemingly hard place to pronounce it.
    Is it actually heard in spoken czech?...the only way I can do that is to make that word three syllables.

    And it sounds something like


    Vlhký vzduch. Mohl bych žít bez něj, ale na druhé straně, potřebujeme déšt'.
    A mimo toho, omežuje diivoké požáry.

    New Mexico, to je místo chci navštívit.
  6. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    I think for "a tak dále", we would say "and so on".

    An example of "and so far" would be:

    "Mary has to iron ten shirts and so far, she has only ironed two of them." ie up to now or up till now.
  7. cestina

    cestina Active Member

    Ox? Bull?

    Steer is fairly specialised :)
  8. Tagarela

    Tagarela Well-Known Member


    Rebecco, ano, znám Kunderu. Je dobrý spisovatel. Četl jsem Nesnesiltená lehkost bytí a L' Ignorance*.

    *I didn't find the Czech name for the book - I guess that it was originally written in French.

    What do you mean by comic?

    Ah, as for embassies and consulates - well, Rio de Janeiro has no Czech consulate anymore...but embassy webpage may have information about Czech translator, teachers and so on.

    Well, chatting on the forum is a little hard, because topics start to get bigger and bigger and it is very hard to follow a conversation. Mmm... but it's good because we have some correction - Thank you very much to everyone -.

    Perhaps we could try to chat someday using ICQ, Skype or something like that. Or even in My Czech Republic chat, I've never tried it.

    Na shledanou.:
  9. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    vlhkost vzduchu is air humidity

    Vlhky vzduch - sounds funny,maybe simply "vlhko" would be better

    how to pronounce it - try to put something before H: vloh-ko practice it and then mitigate the o step by step till it goes fully out from the word
  10. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    so steer

    never imagined that "steering comittee" could have something in common with czech "ty vo-e"
  11. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    Četl jsem "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" a "Life is Elsewhere".

    Můj Skype:


    I think I would be very limited in chat, I need lots of time to think about spelling, but I'd definitely love to give skype a go, that goes for anyone reading this!
    Remember though I only have a few phrases really.

    I was hoping Komic was a "true friend" with an English word for Comedian/a person who tells jokes.

    As far as I know Ignorance isn't even been translated into Czech yet! Isn't that crazy? I'd really like to know what's going on with all that.

    We obviously can't discuss literature in Czech jet heh, and I really don't want to squash down huge thoughts into phrase book platitudes.
  12. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    Je ano! Je 15 stupňů tady denes, vlemi teplo! Ráda.. the cold.. když mám teplý domv to come back to !
    Kde je nejbližší pláž?
    Česku republiku je..

    It's true! It's 60 degrees here today, very hot! I like the cold, when I have a warm home to go home to!
    Where is the nearest beach? (to you).. How close is I mean
    Czech republic (accusative?) is... so far from the sea, I worry the air will be heavy!

    "The limits of my language are the limits of my world" Frustrace!
  13. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    60 F je teplo? Teď jsem v Kalifornii a je 90-110 F každý den. Zvyknul jsem si na to teplo. Když je 75F tak mi je zima.

    It's really interesting how one gets used to the weather. In San Francisco is usually about 65 and everyone have just a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. Here in Davis, which is about an hour from SF is about 100F and when the weather is below 90 everyone has sweater and coat.
  14. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Asi 400 km na sever je Severní ledový oceán. Velmi chladivý :)

    About 400 km northerly is North Sea (in Czech known as icy). Very cooling. :)
  15. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    I've never lived more than 10 miles or so from the sea in my whole life!
  16. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Tady na Floridě, teplo jako obvykle, a sledujeme ostře ty kurikány.
    Gustav nám nenavštěvil zaplat'pánbůh.
    Ale jsou to další bouře v Atlantice, které k nám přijdou.
    Tady na pobřeží nikdy nevidíme štupnu nad asi 94F, a to je malokdý.
    Žil jsem také pořád blízko moře. Ale ne blízko studený Ledového Moře.
    Bud' na pobřeží Virginia nebo na pobřeží Floridy.

    Here in Florida, hot as usual, and we're watching the hurricanes closely.
    Gustav didn't visit us, thank God.
    But there are more storms in the Atlantic coming this way.
    Here on the coast we never see temperatures above maybe 94, and that is rare.
    I have also always lived near the sea, but not the cold North Sea.
    Either on the coast of Virginia or the coast of Florida.
  17. scrimshaw

    scrimshaw Well-Known Member

    Mk...don't know if you were joking or not,....but
    'steer', in the word, steering committee, is based on the verb 'to steer'(point, lead, in a direction(ex, steer a car)), not on the animal.

    Someone mentioned earlier about maybe using the chat on this forum, maybe schedule a specific time and practice. That sounds like an interesting idea.
  18. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    So it is not based on czech saying "Jsou to vsichni vo-ove". It sounded sooooo ... logical. :wink:
  19. MichaelM

    MichaelM Well-Known Member

    Wow, you leave MCR for awhile to attend Czech class and look what happens. This is a great thread everyone - keep it up (even if I hardly have time between domaci ukol to look at it). And for those of you attempting that balancing act between knowledge and euphoria, try Bechorovka, nectar of the gods! Perhaps, at that point, you won't be understood, but you will have a deep (very deep) knowledge of cestinu.
  20. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member



    Nadávno jsem neměla žadný čas, ale ted´ chci začít jeste jednou.

    Jé..... promiňte... jsem seděla s slovnikem, a napsala jsem blbosta!

    Doufám že se zlepšuju! Ale uvidíme se. Studuju každy den ale čestina je dlouhý proces.

    Tak co...

    Jsem v Třebiče od zaři a moc se mi tady libi. Navrátim příští rok. Mám vyborné přáteli a vyborné praci.
    Právě teď mame skvělé počasi. Je mi teplo, jsem zvyklá na déšťa a to počasi je... zajímavé!

    Jak se máte?



    Recently I have not had time, but now I want to start this again.

    Uch.. sorry.. I used to sit with the dictionary and write rubbish!

    I hope that I've improved, but we'll see. I study every day but Czech is a long process/trial.

    So yeah...

    I've been in Třebič since and I like it a lot. I'm coming back next year. I have great friends and a great job.
    Right now we have great weather. I'm hot.. I'm used to rain and this weather is.. interesting!

    How are you guys?

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